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Our modern luxury brand seating collection is exclusively sourced from elite homes and exclusive furniture dealers. 

The high-end designer sofas and sectionals that Modern Resale takes into our inventory go through a rigorous process before it is determined if they meet your high standards for resale.  We take care to authenticate the manufacture and origin of each couch and inspect it to determine how lovingly it was maintained. All upholstery in our collection is professionally cleaned before it goes up for sale. We select modern and contemporary designs from the world's best manufacturers for durable construction and upscale materials to assure your new chair or sofa has lasting value.

You may wonder why you would invest in a pre-owned piece or floor sample at Modern Resale when you can have a brand new sofa for the same price or less? The reason is that many furniture brands are made with inferior materials, finishes and manufacturing techniques. While they might look good and serve well for a few years, things can start to go down hill quickly. Low quality down and foam upholstery compress and become lumpy and uncomfortable. Finishes corrode and chip making what was once a good looking piece look worn. The worst part is, many mid-priced, chain store items are not inexpensive and they have very little or no resale value!  Modern Resale sofas, chairs, ottomans and chaise lounges will maintain some of their value over time. Modern Resale furniture is built to last and has design integrity which keeps it in circulation and out of landfills.

The rewards are great when you upgrade your living room, media room, library or theater with timeless designer seating. Not only will you experience the look and feel of top luxury brand craftsmanship and materials, you will have a cherished piece that will offer longevity and value for years to come.

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