Ceramic Vessel: Segmented Whole Series - Small, by Allyn Davis (creamers)

Designed by Allyn Davis for Allyn Davis

$ 160.00

Retail Value: $160


Artist Allyn Davis’s Segmented Whole series, is evocative of the rugged and austere beauty of a landscape worn and shaped by the elements. Each slab-built piece, stands out with assertive volumes, often interconnected, that offer a primitive yet inherently elegant utility. An interplay of color, texture, and form invites curiosity and the desire to touch. With the grasp of a hand in mind, these pieces are just as happy on the table filled with milk, juice, or branches as they are on display on a console or shelf. 



3.5" W 5.5" D 6"H


High fire - clay, sourced locally from Southern California, slip glaze


Great overall


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