Modern Resale and Fitzsu set the table with design in mind. 

Defining the family heirlooms of today begins at the table.

Above: Table Maxalto Xilos Dining Table by Antonio Citterio, Chairs Zanotta Talia Dining Chairs, Painting courtesy of D2 Art
Above: Table accessories available at Fitzsu

As weather cools and the leaves begin to change, our thoughts turn towards the upcoming holidays. The fall and winter holidays are synonymous with family, friends and tradition. It’s that time of year that we give thanks to all those near to our hearts. It’s a time when we cherish our blessings and share our good fortune with others.

In this day and age we find that more often than not our families are hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Our support network of ‘chosen’ family are probably more in tune with the day to day trials and triumphs of our lives than our given families. Some of us also find ourselves unable to travel home for the holidays due to work or other constraints.

In our household, we and our friends are lucky enough to be able to spend the holidays with our families. Despite that, we have begun a new tradition. Prior to the chaos of holiday prep and travel we set aside a night to give thanks to our friends that have been by our sides through thick and thin throughout the year.

Above: Table Maxalto Simplice Dining Table by Antonio Citterio, Chairs Maxalto Teti Dining Chairs by Antonio Citterio, Table accessories available at Fitzsu, Paintings courtesy of D2 Art 

For example, the weekend before Thanksgiving we celebrate a new holiday that has gained popularity in the past few years, Friendsgiving. It is the combined contribution of a Thanksgiving feast by all of our closest friends. We are more than happy to have a night of gorging ourselves on mashed potatoes, turkey (or tofurkey), and red wine, two weekends in a row. Prior to the winter holidays we have a decadent morning brunch followed by a gift exchange. 

With these new traditions (which in all honesty we’re creating more and more throughout the year as an excuse to get everyone together and slow down for a moment to celebrate life … urban family dinners anyone?) comes a need for the formal dining room table and seating for our growing network of friends. Who says the formal dining room is dead? Not us. In a world where it becomes harder and harder to slow down we are in need of the dining room (no matter how big or small) now more than ever.

Accompanying these new traditions creates an endless number of memories. It is these fond moments that give the irreplaceable sentimental value to a piece of furniture. It is here that heirloom furniture is born. A cherished piece of furniture that is handed down over the generations doesn't always have to be a traditional. Modern and contemporary pieces created by world renowned designers like Minotti are elegant and timeless as well.

Heirloom furniture all has it’s origins and we want to help you begin that tradition. We want you to be the origin of that valuable heirloom piece that you can pass down to your children or, if you’re not planning on kids, your best friends children, because with these modern traditions they will have memories around that table as well.

Above: Table accessories available at Fitzsu, Paintings courtesy of D2 Art 


A special thanks to Su Sazama of Fitzsu for helping our tables shine. All of their products featured here are available on their website or make an appointment to visit their showroom.

July 11, 2022