About the Brand

Modern Resale is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer for luxury interior design consignment. The Los Angeles based platform offers modern furniture, lighting, and accessories from the world’s best bands at 40-60% off retail. 

Unlike the vintage stores that are ubiquitous in Los Angeles, Modern Resale has a unique curatorial perspective focused on today’s top international designers and prestigious European design brands.

Female founders Stacia Vinar and Sarah Whipple created the platform in 2012 with the goal of changing the way design is acquired. They offer authentic pieces at obtainable prices, with quick shipping, and a lower carbon footprint.

About the Curators

While working together at a premier Italian design showroom in Los Angeles, Stacia Vinar and Sarah Whipple saw an opportunity to give new life to gently used luxury furniture, lighting, and accessories. They noticed that some clients were upset by increasingly long lead times from Europe and others didn’t know what to do with the perfectly good pieces that they were replacing. 

Much like luxury fashion consignment, Stacia and Sarah decided to create a platform to connect buyers and sellers of modern furniture and accessories. In 2012, they were one of the first to create a revolutionary new online platform for high-end European interior design consignment. It remains the only such platform in Los Angeles and beyond. 

Stacia and Sarah are excellent curators who have an eye for authentic pieces with recognized design pedigree. Their combined experience, skill, and vision is the reason why Modern Resale is able to offer luxury designs at obtainable prices, more quickly, and in a more sustainable way. 

Sustainable Luxury

The most sustainable products are those that are kept in use. When clients buy or sell with Modern Resale, they are extending the product’s lifespan and reducing its carbon footprint.

The EPA estimates that 9 million tons of furniture are thrown away each year. That staggering number represents 5% of all landfill waste. Much like fast fashion, “fast furniture” is often purchased cheaply, used briefly, and thrown away. While fast furniture may be appealing to consumers at first, there is a real cost to poorly made furniture that ends up in the trash. And overflowing landfills are not the only problem: Our culture of “fast” products and overconsumption increases the demand for virgin materials sourced from Earth’s fields and forests continuing the depletion our precious natural resources.

Modern Resale offers an alternative to fast furniture with its authentic collection of physically and emotionally durable pieces. ”Emotionally durable design" describes products that you connect with and keep for a long time. These authored designs are created to be long-lasting and cherished until they are handed down to the next generation.

Authored Design

Modern Resale only sells authentic designs from the world's best designers and design brands. Founders Stacia and Sarah are experienced curators of luxury European furniture who have an eye for the best pieces — and they guarantee that each item in their collection is an authentic original in good condition. Copies, reproductions, and pieces without design pedigree are not available at Modern Resale. Stacia and Sarah evaluate and oversee any necessary cleaning, repairs, and reupholstery. Everything in the Modern Resale’s collection has a distinct value that will stand the test of time. 

Ready to Ship

High-end design from Europe can take twenty-four weeks or more to arrive in the United States. While acquiring coveted design pieces is often worth the wait, Modern Resale offers an alternative for the private clients and design professionals who need great pieces quickly. 

All Modern Resale items are in stock and ready to ship from the Los Angeles warehouse. Most items ship the next day with a reliable white-glove-shipping service — no self-assembly required.