Memo Policy

In order to help our clients visualize a piece of furniture in a specific environment, MODERN RESALE allows select merchandise to be borrowed or “memoed” for up to 24hrs.

Security Deposit

We require a security deposit for the full amount of the items plus all applicable taxes in order to release goods for memo. In the event of any damage, loss or late return, this deposit will be used as your payment in full for the items on Memo.

Responsibility of Memo Client

MODERN RESALE memo client must make necessary arrangements for disassembly, packing/unpacking, transportation, and repackaging.  MODERN RESALE will assist in these arrangements upon request however all delivery, packing, unpacking, assembly and installation fees are to be paid by the memo client. We will not release any goods without proper protection, nor will we release goods to inappropriate transportation (e.g. open-bed-trucks, etc.) Any upholstered items returned soiled must be cleaned at your expense. Items must be returned with all original packaging materials.  All loose parts, including screws or other hardware, must be returned. Your acceptance of items for memo constitutes your agreement to these terms. We thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact us at or 310.838.3800, if you are interested in memo’ing and we will send you a Memo Contract and other necessary paperwork.