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Luxury Furniture

Welcome to Modern Resale. We are a world leader in the online sale of luxury furniture, accessories, and lighting of the most prestigious brands ever. We invite you to discover on our online store a wide assortment of classic, modern styled, and often handmade furniture. Each item carries an enormous amount of value that it has accumulated throughout its existence. All pieces are true works of art, unique and rare. And they’re available at an affordable price point. Contemporary design furniture is modern living par excellence. Shop now!

Create an Elegant Home with Luxury Furniture

The quality and the originality of a luxury piece of designer furniture complete the achievement of a contemporary apartment fit or business premises. When it’s made with noble materials and conceived in an artistic approach, the furniture gives the interior design an asserted identity. The furniture you will find at Modern Resale will allow you to add an accent of beauty and functionality to every space giving it a harmonious feel. The options are endless, satisfying the most refined styles - including those of park or hotel luxury owners. Every Modern Resale client finds what he/she was looking for and more. You can even get a full furnishings scheme.

For your living room, your office, or your five-star hotel, choose a unique product selected by Modern Resale. Our choices are based on a luxurious aesthetic look, craftsmanship, and elegance. The luxury living type of furniture we offer is made of the noblest materials: top-of-the-range velvet texture, refined handcrafted leathers, curves of wood, or combinations of special and rare materials such as onyx, marble, inlaid wood, brass, bronze, precious metals, and many others. Which decor configuration, fabric element, or feature will catch your eye?

There’s Something for Every Room

Assemble Modern Resale luxury furniture that reflects your character and lifestyle. You can give your home a look that mirrors a unique, personal style. We offer high-end items for every room. Whatever space you wish to arrange, you will find a quality product or furniture set that will fulfill your wildest dreams and desires. Choose from living room handmade furniture such as a sofa, a chair with a dark oak finish, and a manhattan dining table, or explore the bedroom or office superior furniture collection.

And to showcase your luxury furniture and modern living, there is nothing like good lighting. Modern Resale offers many lamp options to complement your furniture, or simply to illuminate your home. Select a unique model from traditional and modern chandeliers that are perfect for your lobby, kitchen, or dining room table. You will also find a wide selection of tables, seating, cushion, and desk lamps for your living room or workplace.

Experience Supreme Luxury

Tonnes of gold in a luxe penthouse apartment does not always express luxury living. Elegance, comfort, and a good sense of fashion with a glamorous touch do. At Modern Resale, we offer the best classic Italian furniture at an amazing price.

Discover our range of quality furniture brands for an outdoor patio, a streamlined monochrome kitchen, a lovely bedroom suite as well as new arrivals. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary design furniture, old or new trend pieces, sober or extravagant configuration, you will find what you are looking for with Modern Resale.

Are you seeking THE piece of furniture that will change the look of your interiors? Do you already have some Italian designers brand or Scandinavian influences in mind? Or are you looking to be seduced by a luxury piece of superior furniture for an amazing bedroom without having a specific shopping list? No matter what your project, style, or ambitions are, you've come to the right place. Enjoy our team's extensive product care, outstanding service, and worldwide delivery.

Modernize your living room with the most beautiful designs of modern and classic Italian living room furniture while benefiting from an attractive price. For even more comfort, contact our help point. A responsive and friendly team is at your service for any clarification during your purchases. Together, we can arrange the perfect scheme! Every day is a holiday. We wish you a successful shopping at Modern Resale!

High end furniture

When you think of a room in your house, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Your furniture! It’s through the arrangement of your interior that you create an atmosphere in which you feel good. No room is complete without the furniture, lamps, wall decor, or accessories it contains:

  • A living room needs a nice sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table
  • A desk needs a comfortable chair
  • A kitchen needs a cabinet with extensive storage
  • A bar needs a high stool
  • A bedroom needs a dresser, drawers, and a nightstand on the side of your bed
  • A patio needs a bench
  • And so on

Modern Resale offers a wide range of high-end furniture in Los Angeles, CA. You will find everything you need to furnish or update your home. Our priority is to offer you the highest quality furniture collection with beautiful designs and noble, natural materials such as wood. To achieve this goal, we work with leading house decor brands. Ready for some online furniture shopping? Get that vintage decor today!

High-end Furniture Aligned With your Designing Project

To design the layout of a space and buy the most suitable piece of furniture, the intervention of an interior decorator is highly recommended. It guarantees harmony between the elements as well as the development of a style in line with your desires.

Modern Resale offers several sets of furniture and sophisticated collections to enhance the most singular places, from neoclassical style to avant-garde. Shop our gorgeous furniture from a wide range of styles and house decor brands.

Personalize a living room, a bedroom, or an office by opting for vintage furniture of great artistic value. Each creation is chosen according to the following criteria: ergonomics, designs, and honest, high-quality materials.

Choose Your Furniture With The Help Of A Specialist

Driven by a strong passion for design, the Modern Resale team uses its experience to optimize interiors with taste and originality. Alongside a team of experts in renovation and decoration, we offer different creations for all the rooms of your apartment or establishment such as:

  • Sofas
  • Beds
  • Chairs
  • Dining tables
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Works of art

Our job is to give life to your universe, taking into account your desires, the structure of the spaces, and the general harmony. Our experience, artistic know-how,a and technical skills allow us to materialize your project with great attention to detail. Get in touch!

Best Italian Furniture Brands and more: Quality Design, Style & Luxury

The purchase of high end furniture requires knowledge of the leaders in this market. The best furniture designers stand out in one way or another, while some have certain weaknesses. Not all furniture stores are created in the same way, especially not online furniture stores. At Modern Resale, we help you exceed your expectations by offering only the finest pre-owned furniture at the best price. You will find the highest quality sleek furniture brands to help you streamline your design efforts and style preferences.
The quality of furniture items can be measured by many factors:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Availability

Modern Resale is different than other vintage furniture stores. As a forward-thinking furniture store and leader in the furniture industry, the house decor brands we offer are at the top of the list for each of these indicators. Each brand has its own reputation and makes furniture that has been handed down from generation to generation. Some of them have been on the market for over 100 years. Modern Resale offers you the resale of these antique, rare, and collectible pieces in a great variety of styles - both indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. Check out our selection of furniture, and get in touch with our furniture consultant today!

Designer furniture

Designer furniture is more than a trend in home decoration. It’s also a way of life, where each space is wisely organized to make your home both functional and modern. The furniture you will find in our store is designed to make your home a peaceful oasis.

Modern Resale is an online store with an extensive catalog and stock of designer furniture at incredible prices. We offer a wide range of finishes, colors, and combinations. This makes our furniture pieces unique and versatile, able to adapt to any style without losing their essence.

Want to have an interior that looks like no other? Then our design furniture is made for you! Everything you need can be found here. Look well, and you might even find a good promotion or special offers on your favorite item!

Refinement, Elegance, and Comfort

When designed by quality brands, designer furniture gives the final touch to the interior architecture that everyone is looking for in their house, apartment, office, or garden. High-end designer furniture can transcend the atmosphere of the decor while bringing you its share of delights:

  • The visual pleasure provided by an original line
  • The well-being that you feel in a piece of furniture whose ergonomics is really designed for your comfort
  • The pleasure to touch a beautiful material

If you are passionate about decoration and love beautiful, modern designer furniture, you will enjoy shopping with Modern Resale. Check out our selection of designer furniture!

An Exclusive Selection of Designer Furniture and Lighting For Sale

We deal in contemporary furniture and decorative objects that are undisputed design icons. If these pieces of furniture designed by renowned designers are sold by the millions and are collectively considered as classics, it's for a good reason. With their bold design, their precursor materials, or their eccentricity, these furniture hits make a difference and are not about to be dethroned. You can shop the following designer brands:

  • B&B Italia
  • Cappellini
  • Cassina
  • Kartell
  • Ligne Roset
  • Maxalto
  • Minotti

Looking for a designer table, sofa, armchair, lamp, or mirror? Or maybe all of them? Whatever brings you to this brands shop, you will not exit this store empty-handed.

Modern Furniture that Matches your Style

Create the interior of your dreams by combining and mixing styles. Update it according to your desires thanks to our many designer collections. We are always on the lookout for the latest trends to satisfy your desires and tastes. We have a large variety of old and new furniture.

Our decorating elements are perfect to add that extra touch to your bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, living room, or bathroom. For example, a beautiful mirror will enlarge your room, while a proportional table and set of chairs and a floor lamp will bring modernity to your room.

Choose from the Most Prestigious Brands in the World

Based in the city of Los Angeles, Modern Resale has chosen the most prestigious labels of European designers to guarantee you the very best of high-end furniture brands:

  • A product designed by the greatest contemporary designers
  • Pieces of furniture integrating all current design trends
  • Original fabrication methods used by the brands themselves

These choices have been asserted for several decades. They offer you a refined, audacious, durable, solid, and handy furniture range. Our online store is also part of an uncompromising fight against counterfeiting in the United States. We are providing you with authentic signed and guaranteed pieces only, as well as pieces of valuable advice or some decor clearance ideas if you need them. Fast shipping and excellent customer service guaranteed.

Consignment furniture

As in the most renowned luxury industries - such as art, leather goods, haute couture, or jewelry - most brands of designer furniture cultivate craftsmanship that is often inherited from their history.

There is nothing better than timeless, classic style furniture to reveal the value, uniqueness, and luxury, as well as the dimension of your exclusive projects. A great location is not as important as the quality of your interior arrangement. At Modern Resale, we offer authentic products entirely handcrafted on unique designs signed by the most impressive architect-designers of all time.

At Modern Resale, we transmit and share our passion for design with ambition and pragmatism. We will assist you in selling, selecting, dreaming, and buying the design piece of your dreams and at the height of your expectations and for a very interesting price.

Luxurious Second Life

At Modern Resale, we prefer concrete actions to untenable resolutions at the beginning of the year. By selling or buying on Modern Resale, you contribute to the circular economy by participating in a responsible alternative that gives a second life to thousands of pieces of quality furniture and accessories. This is the truly luxurious and smart way of living!

Thanks to you, we are a key player in the furniture consignment market among dozens of other luxury stores. Thousands of pieces have been sold and found a new home. It’s precisely this notion of transmission that we put at the center of our values. Because behind these exceptional furnishings items are often exceptional people who have worked hard extra hours, but above all people who have loved and told a story. We continue to pass on all of this legacy through the sale of these unique decor items.

Choose Modern Furniture that Reflects your Lifestyle

Based in the Los Angeles area, Modern Resale explores and deals with several visions of contemporary design through its different collections and each piece of high-end furniture. This allows you to create your own universe and to establish an atmosphere in your home or business premises that reflect your individuality.

Let your inspiration flow freely by arranging your different living spaces according to your needs and aesthetic sensibility. The vision of second hand furniture according to Modern Resale is an item that is both resolutely trendy and easy to live with. An inspired and inspiring object, modular and multifunctional. Check out our great selection of consigned designer furniture.

Authentic Consignment Furniture

The furniture offered in the Modern Resale catalog is selected and taken back for their condition, their quality of design, or their brand. We have in stock beautiful design or vintage pieces, but also office furniture with proven professional qualities.

At Modern Resale, we don’t consign furniture for all existing brands. Designed by internationally recognized brands, our second-hand furniture is made using high-end and durable materials. World-renowned designers and architects have been able to bring technical and aesthetic innovations to create emblematic pieces of design.

Modern Resale: Your Premium Furniture Retailer

Modern Resale strives to offer access to a wide variety of furniture with pure, refined lines. Whether you are considering the purchase of a chair, a sofa, a dining table, a chest of drawers, a bed, or a dressing room, you will find at Modern Resale a prestigious piece of furniture that will meet all your buyers’ expectations, both in terms of design and manufacturing quality.

By opting for Modern Resale furniture solutions, you are choosing equipment of the highest quality combining creativity, comfort, and functionality. You can find both old and new furniture, but all are in perfect condition.

We put a large team of professionals at your disposal to help you answer in all details any questions that arise during your purchase. By ensuring the consignment process is performed in a safe way, we will help you make your home the idyllic place you have always imagined. Benefit from incredibly affordable prices on famous designer pieces and expect timely delivery. An experienced team will do all the heavy lifting for you. Spot a hot deal and shop our online store’s selection of upscale consignment furniture today!

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