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Invest in quality you can afford. Our high-end Italian design pieces from B&B Italia go through a thoughtful process before we determine if they meet your high standards for resale. We authenticate the manufacture and origin of each piece of furniture, inspect it to determine how lovingly it was used and even clean it. Select mostly modern and contemporary designs from the world's best furniture manufacturers for durable construction and upscale materials. 

Upscale for less with top quality new and gently used B&B Italia furniture, lighting, and accessories.

B&b italia designer furniture

B&B Italia Designer Furniture. An Excellent Choice For Anyone Looking For The Perfect Piece Of Furniture.

B&B Italia Designer Furniture. A Commitment To Quality And Craftsmanship

Designer Furniture That Is Of The Highest Quality

Designer Furniture That Is Functional And Aesthetic

Designer Furniture That Is Durable And Made To Last

5 Reasons To Invest In Designer Furniture For Your Home Office

10 Ways Contemporary Italian Furniture Can Transform Your Living Space

Discover B&B Italia's Timeless Collections

From its invention, B&B Italia has embraced an advanced picture of being a contemporary Italian manufacturer based on industrial models. The business utilizes high-tech manufacturing methods and materials like vinyl and polyurethane foams. B&B established itself as one of the main businesses in the furniture market throughout half of the 20th century. Alchemy consists of imagination, innovation, and industrial power. From this, alchemy appears contemporary, exclusive furnishing components which are characterized by top quality and timeless elegance. Adventure, challenge, and innovation are the keywords to explain B&B Italia.

B&B Italia Furniture

The B & B Italia furniture collection was produced to be a symbol of contemporary culture. B&B responds quickly to the growth of the house atmosphere. The contemporary furnishing components are equally distinctive and distinctively beautiful as an outcome.
Constant research and cooperation with international designers are crucial elements in the business's strategic growth. It's an approach that has enabled the Italian B&B to differentiate itself from others through recent years. B&B has received several honors and awards through the years, including four Golden Compasses--the most prestigious award for industrial design from Italy.

Among the wide range of products you can find:
B&B's outstanding design and high quality of workmanship have consistently thrilled people through recent years. The new designs decorate the interiors of flats, buildings, and resorts. The assortment of layouts provided lets you select furniture that can fit harmoniously into the minimalist and contemporary interiors, in addition to those decorated in a traditional style.

The very first steps of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli
The individual of the renowned brand owes everything to its creator, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli - famous"il Leone" (the lion). He had been born in 1926 to impoverished parents in la Brianza. A fertile breeding ground concerning the historic cradle of style in the state of Como in Lombardy.
Busnelli has been a talent spotter and devised a revolutionary process of mass production: polyurethane foam cushioning. To be able to construct the picture of the new one which he'd build his empire, he also relied upon unfamiliar geniuses in photography and architecture. Then he teamed up with a few of the major names in design.

B & B Busnelli & Piano
Busnelli trusted a young architect who hadn't proven himself; Enzo Piano. Busnelli commissioned him to design the headquarters of the firm in Novedrate. Even though it wasn't visible from the town skyline, he desired it to be exceptional.
In 1971, the young architect guessed a kind of sketch of their future Pompidou Centre, which left him famous a couple of years later. The idea was of a box suspended within a solid metallic arrangement together --on the exterior --observable and colored pipes.

Daring and poker moves for B & B
From the 1960s, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli's most important concern wasn't to follow in the footsteps of those artisanal companies that thrived in the area. The plan pioneer chose to take risks, which paid off since he was able to revolutionize the manufacturing procedure. From unlikely poker shots to colorful intuitions, his aim was to win the marketplace with a managerial strategy.

The origin of the name B & B Italia Designer
B&B was originally called C&B, after a partnership with all the artisan manufacturer Cesare Cassina. But, Busnelli was appearing in the fast-developing plastic materials industry, and Consequently, he left Cassina to his artisanal production and borrowed his network of designers such as:
Afra and Tobia Scarpa
Vico Magistretti
Gaetano Pesce

He was constantly searching for ways to industrialize his very own manufacturing. Forced to discover the capital for this purpose since he no longer needed a partner, Busnelli turned into loans. At a joyous stroke of comedy, he called his firm B&B for "Bank & Busnelli".
Torn from the necessity to keep ahead of advancement, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli found himself drifting around London in the plastic materials fair from the mid-60s. He also saw a rack with perfectly round studs, made in 1 piece due to a distinctive mold casting. Then he had the notion of adapting this procedure to generate a seat.
The entrepreneur returned to Italy using the recipe to its foam which gave life to the famous ducks. It is a mix of 2 milky fluids which when fused together--create a chemical reaction that makes a voluminous glue that perfectly matches the form of any container.

New advanced Design Technology

Following his London trip, a fresh method of designing furniture has been born. It enabled Busnelli to radically reduce production costs and also to experiment with endless forms and contours of furniture. A natural couch for example Zaha Hadid's Moon System promoted in 2007 couldn't have been conceived with no structural ease.
For every one of these, a specially designed mold was created. It is a kind of monumental waffle iron where the whole piece of furniture has been extracted. The grade of this upholstery is calculated ahead in precisely the exact same manner as you'd make cake bread. And by combining technological discoveries like the use of metal rather than wood, it really is possible to improve the dimensions of the chair.

This entrepreneurial breakthrough in the 1960s caused the production of their Italian one-piece couches, which became so iconic and formed the foundation of the business. The Coronado version, dating from 1966, represented a primary revolution because its components were constructed using just six screws, thereby enabling delivery in kit form. Other creations then followed one after another.
Back in 1969, Gaetano Pesce made a round armchair shaped just like a female's body, and that he called" up". It's marketed under vacuum and after it’s out its packaging, it's thickly inflated with freon gas to take its final form. It's a technique that's prohibited today. This was a sort of artistic operation to which a material has been inserted. The seat was tied by a rope into a huge ball which was thought to symbolize the state of girls in prison.
Mario Bellini's Bambole (1972) was introduced in the Milan Fair the exact same year. This made its way to the spotlight as a result of some suggestive marketing effort with a young unknown photographer, Oliviero Toscani. He had been the controversial writer of the Benetton advertising. The poster, shown in the front of the rack, revealed the very best version of this moment, Donna Jordan, half-naked on the sofa. It awakened the censorship committee. The scandal prompted sudden achievement for B&B Italia.

Magic contours
Such as the materials, shapes have a narrative at B&B Italia. To be able to acquire the line of the Papilio seat accepted, Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa needed to revise his version a few times before it had been accepted by the Research and Development Center. He needed to lighten the model together with his initially intended metal legs, which have been considered overly classic. The end result was a hollowed-out cone using a wing-shaped backrest. It had been attached to the floor, using a compact yet enveloping layout.
As for its Crinoline armchair developed for an outdoorsy collection, Patricia Urquiola was motivated by the rattan of a basket brought back from a trip. She utilizes polyethylene fibers for this particular undertaking.

The signature might not have the international standing it enjoys with no its more consensual lineup: Maxalto. The brand was set by B&B Italia in 1975, with a concentration on the reinterpretation of classic layout forms.
The newest name denotes the expression"Massa Alto", which means"greatest" in Italian. This is just what we can expect from the organization's products--a high excellent design which never disappoints.
The artistic leadership of Maxalto was entrusted to Afra and Tobia Scarpa, and then to Antonio Citterio in 1993. Back in 2002, Antonio Citterio was entrusted with the building of a third building.
It houses:
The research and development center
The underground mold storage room
A professional showroom
The B&B Italia woodworking plant utilizes more conventional methods, from valuable wood veneers to shellac varnishing methods. The intention is to style furniture whose luxury is ingrained in the tiniest details.
In B&B Italia, the materials and technologies used to fabricate the goods are an essential component of complex research. Moreover, quality management is performed at each stage of manufacturing. These production processes ensure that every product has its individuality and fulfills the needs of the global sector.
B&B Italia includes a community of over 700 companies using its products situated in 50 nations.
Among its clients are:
Luxurious resorts
Dreamy yachts and vacations cruise ships
Multi-function shops and showrooms
Tremendous banks
Famous theatres
Is there some secret to a vast selection of activities? Yes, there really is. B&B Italia provides a very rich choice of furniture, however, its own experience also enables the producer to present tailor-made responses to every customer? This can be made possible using an advanced industrial tool that features four manufacturing units and a center specializing in research and development.

B & B Collaboration with renowned international designers
B&B Italia has collaborated with all the most crucial international architects and designers, including:
Afra and Tobia Scarpa
Antonio Citterio
Atelier Oi
Chris Howker
David Chipperfield
Ettore Sottsass
Gaetano Pesce
Jakob Wahner
Jean-Marie Massaud
Jeffrey Bernett
Marcel Wanders
Mario Bellini
Naoto Fukasawa
Paolo Piva
Patricia Urquiola
Richard Sapper
Richard Schultz
Studio Kairos
Vico Magistretti
Zaha Hadid
B&B Italia in figures
Year of creation: 1966
Factory: 28 000 m2
Workforce: 500 people, including 250 in the 3 plants
Presence: in 80 countries
Flagship-stores: 8
Monobrand stores: 40
Resellers: approximately 800
Turnover: €170 M (of which 78% comes from exports)
Since its invention, the study center has enabled it to turn into an industrial business in the service of style. Busnelli has devoted 3 percent of their firm's earnings to it. Consequently, thousands of complex jobs are made and distributed on a worldwide scale.
B&B Italia is a world-famous manufacturer since it featured its products really early on. The coverage of launching flagship-stores, initiated in 2001 in France, has had an effect on its excellent notoriety.

The initial flagship in Paris
A brand new space entirely devoted to the Italian manufacturer B&B Italia has opened in the historical district of Paris. It was normal for B&B Italia to associate with the top distributor Silvera because of its very first Parisian flagship shop. The Italian publication can be found at a former habits listed building. The design was entrusted to the designer and architect Jean-Marie Massaud, who altered the 8,000 square feet place to reflect the picture of B&B: imaginative and contemporary.

The showroom's design
The 3 degrees of this building is linked with a stained glass stair that is more than 100 ft high. The house, outside, and job collections of B&B Italia is exhibited on each individual platform. Collections to your interior, public, and outdoor spaces with couches and outside furniture fill the ground floor and the cellar. Offices, big assembly tables, and rest places for the tertiary sector are on the 1st floor.

Iconic furniture sets
The atmosphere is pristine, luminous, and fluid. It melts off to highlight the curves and lines of the furniture so that you can discover the brand's best-sellers such as:
The Up collection signed by Gaetano Pesce
The Moon System by Zaha Hadid
The Crinoline armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola
Jean-Marie Massaud's sublime daybed
The Luis sofa by Antonio Citterio
And much more

B&B Italia's contract Enterprise
B&B Italia's contract company is currently in charge of a huge portion of its general earnings. Revenue Director Roberto Barbazza states this is an excellent time for its contract organization, particularly in Europe.
He mentions the Olympic Games in London, which attracted B&B some prestigious jobs. These include the lavish Bulgari Hotel along with also the Café Royal Hotel.
B&B designer Piero Lissoni worked on the Lovely Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. The brand has also signed with the Clarion Hotel Post at Gothenburg in Sweden, and also the Clarion in Norway.

Discover the durability key of the emblematic brand
To check at the length is to evoke all these goods. It wouldn't be erroneous to state a B&B Italia couch or armchair is indestructible. To know why, you need to shed the cover and dip into the spirit of this item, both in the literal and figurative sense.
Following Piero Ambrogio Busnelli found polyurethane foam in the event in London, he built it into an outstanding product for the production of armchairs and couches with initial shapes. By mixing this cold-molded material using a metallic framework, it will become possible to acquire a watertight and comfortable chair, and also do so with no conventional wooden structure. Because of this, the contours given by means of a metallic mold are freed and will embrace any dream concerning design and dimensions.
In the mill, manufacturing is split into two lines:
Armchairs and footstools

A carousel can be utilized to maintain the molds which rotate for approximately 20 minutes. The polyurethane foam is chillily injected, swells to 40 times its original volume, and solidifies. The employees then only have to eliminate the couch or armchair in the mold and eliminate the remaining residue. The garment section then takes over, preparing the leathers and fabrics which were assessed one by one and then constructed. The final step is to cover the foam using a protective coating of Dacron, a synthetic cloth, which gives it more flexibility until the closing dressing.
B&B Italia can create custom-made merchandise for both contracts and individuals. The business uses both the goods of this group, but can alter the dimensions or the endings too. B&B may also cause tailor-made products with architects, or perhaps handle a whole job, like a resort for example.

The cloth
The fabrics used will be the result of rigorous study. They're a combination of artificial and natural yarns, analyzed for their immunity to all kinds of usage. Some clothes are also exposed to remedies to grow their performance tenfold and fulfill customer expectations. Whether it's the Diesis couch or the Mart armchair, the beauty and suppleness of the leather used is wonderful. And this isn't surprising, since the manufacturer pays special focus on the source of its skins.

The leather
The chosen leathers come from creatures bred inside the European Union. All demonstrate a promise of attention and care to the creature's well-being. To conserve the excellence of the raw material, finishes and treatments guarantee optimal conservation of their natural qualities of the leather.

The timber on furniture
So far as timber is concerned, the Italian designer is banking on American white pine rift. It is readily recognizable by its directors and intermittent fiber, using a feel that's occasionally somewhat rough.
Rosewood comes in controlled farming in Latin America. Its veins together with chromatic reflections make this timber an inimitable and special species. The teak used for outside collections is among the very prestigious tropical forests. Its exceptional attributes against poor weather and its own normal fatty resin raise its impermeability and make it incredibly resistant.

The Marbles
The various marbles provided by B&B Italia have two kinds of finishes, based upon the client's expectations: matte or varnished. Anti-stain therapy slows down the absorption of fluids. The polyester varnish enriches the conspicuous veining and chromatic reflections of the marbles.
There’s a big selection, which includes:
Emperador marble
White Calacatta marble
Marquinia black marble
With these choices, you're guaranteed to locate the ideal marble appearance.
A family company in the hands of international investors
B&B Italia has ever been conducted by its creator, who was quite visionary and intuitive. When he became ill, his son made the choice to bring in investors.

In 2011, he purchased B&B in the personal financial firm Opera, which got a vast majority stake in 2002. He's been running the business with his brother because of the passing of the father in 2014.
Investindustrial was alongside B&B Italia in 2015. It gives a vision to the long run and inspires the development of the organization's communication. A year after, the business bought out his fellow companies Arclinea and Azucena. Arclinea is a luxury chef and Azucena possesses the writings along with the rights to the designer's creations, Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

In 2016, B&B Italia celebrated its 50th anniversary by introducing limited edition pieces in the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
As part of the International Design Group, B&B Italia joins two small and medium-sized lighting specialists--the Danish Louis Poulsen and the Italian Flos. For its part, Flos acquired the outdoor lighting manufacturer Ariès.
All these businesses execute a lot of their business out of Italy. Exports account for 80 percent of B&B Italia's earnings --40 percent of that are in the USA and China--and 65 percent at Arclinea. The chef's just started his first showroom in Paris at Beaupassage, the little spa. These manufacturers like a solid picture with architects and decorators and are creating a growing share of their business through contracts to match out:
Along with other luxury boutiques
Inside precisely the exact same thing, it'll be easier for them to make huge showrooms to emphasize their offerings. The very first of its type has opened in Paris, bringing together the Boffi, De Padova, and MA/U Studio brands.

The visionary spirit of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli always appears to put at the corridors, taking the business to other lands.
Awarded four Compasso d'Oro awards--among which was supplied to the firm itself in 1989--B&B Italia could boast of having made a unique spot in the furniture market. The business is encouraged by prestigious collaborations.

Strategies for picking furniture Colours
We can raise the aesthetic worth of their living space by making proper color alterations. For an instance, the trendy and timeless blend of black and white requires using proper proportions using a transparent benefit of a single color. Grey is also well known in interior design, however, it's very good to split it using a gaudy color. A little bit of turquoise, yellow or reddish in cosmetic components is all it requires.

Suggestions to organize your inside with flavor
Moderation also needs to be kept when picking types of furniture. A coffee table motivated by a shell shape is sufficient to highlight the contemporary character of the living space. Thus, there's absolutely no need to replicate this pattern of layout, since you don't want it to become urgently kitschy.
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