FLOS stands for flower, which is fitting for its unique and beautiful designs. FLOS has always embraced changing the way and not following others, which is evident in their adventurous lighting options that can be found in historical landmarks and companies worldwide.

The Story of FLOS

FLOS is a high-end Italian lighting brand and one of the industry's largest contributors. They produce lighting for consumers and professionals and work with some of the world's finest designers. These collaborations have created incredible lighting products that no other designer has dared to try, from the Arco Floor Lamp to the Spun Light T Table Lamp.

Arco Floor Lamp - Achille and Pier Giacamo CastiglioniArco Floor Lamp - Achille and Pier Giacamo Castiglioni 

 Spun Light T Table Lamp - Sebastian Wrong

Spun Light T Table Lamp - Sebastian Wrong

The Early Days

Dino and Cesare Cassina founded FLOS in 1962. It was originally a place for designers and architects to work through their designs in the laboratory. However, they quickly outgrew their original lab in Merano, Italy, and in 1963 moved to Brescia for an even larger facility where designers could create exquisite lighting designs that were sure to challenge modern design.

Sergio Gandini and Philippe Starck

When FLOS moved to Brescia, Sergio Gandini took over as managing director. Not long after that, FLOS lighting began to emerge in New York and appeared in the Museum of Modern Art. Then, in the 1980s, Gandini discovered Phillipe Starck, who designed the Ara lighting, which Gandini and his son knew would be an immediate hit.

Starck continued creating lighting for FLOS and making a splash with his designs, notably the Royalton Hotel Lobby in New York.  

Modern-Day FLOS

Today, FLOS creates incredible lighting designs in collaboration with some of the most popular designers, such as Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Michael Anastassiades. They work closely with large businesses and institutions to handle their lighting needs. FLOS is known as an innovative lighting brand that doesn't just provide the 'same lighting' you'll find somewhere else. When you see the lighting, you know it's FLOS.

Aim Pendant- Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec 2010

Aim Pendant- Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec 2010
IC T1 High Table Lamp- Michael Anastassiades 2014
IC T1 High Table Lamp- Michael Anastassiades 2014


FLOS has a provocative style that isn't found in other collections. Each piece is unique, limited release, and sure to be a conversation starter wherever it's located. It's not unusual to find FLOS lighting in different shapes and forms that 'typical designers' would never come up with on their own, such as the Taccia Table Lamp

Taccia Table Lamp - Achille and Pier Giacamo Castiglioni

Taccia Table Lamp - Achille and Pier Giacamo Castiglioni

Notable Designs and Collections

FLOS has the most innovative and creative designs, but here are some of our favorite collections.


FLOS Snoopy was designed in 1967. It was one of the inaugural table lamps and remains as popular today as it was when it first debuted. Available in both green and black screens, the white marble stand is a beautiful contrast. 

While it's a treasure in its original form, FLOS released a 50th-anniversary edition in 2017 that features a matte screen. 

Gun Collection

The Gun Collection is one of the many fine pieces from Philippe Starck. It combines the beauty of automatic weapons in gorgeous gold or silver. Not only is this collection functional, but it also serves as an incredible piece of artwork and beauty. 


Italian designer Patricia Urquiola created the Tatou-Series in 2012. The collection consists of table lamps, floor lamps, and pendants. The lamps are available in white, gray, and black and the screen on each lamp gives off a colorful glow. 


K-Tribe is another collection from Philippe Starck. However, this series is simpler than his other series and comes in smokey black, silver, and bronze. The pendant lights make a statement alone or paired together.

Holy Honors

To further its eclectic appearance, you'll find FLOS lighting throughout many holy sites in Italy, including the Church Castelferretti, the Duomo Cremona, and the Basilica S. Clemente. In these beautiful holy sites, you'll find pendants and other lighting, all created by FLOS.

The Bottom Line

FLOS lighting is breathtaking and an honor to have in any home, business, or place of worship. Its unique qualities, incredible design, and sturdy materials make it the perfect way to light the way and create the most luxurious atmosphere.

November 16, 2022