W3 Architects Monokuro House Kitchen

W3 Architects was created by Warren Wagner, AIA, to illustrate the flawless incorporation of solar power and renewable energy solutions with a high aesthetic style of architecture. They are a modest boutique practice providing a truly personalized, practical experience creating highly client-driven and site-responsive ventures.

Monokuro House in Southern California is a ground-breaking two-story residential project situated in an older suburban community made up largely of conventional one-story dwellings. Constructed for a Japanese family with two kids, the clients wanted a very simple house with a contemporary design that reflects the clear Dark/Light contrast depicted in the conventional Japanese architectural design.

The form of the structure produces a unique, singular entity with moments of subtraction: a hollow cavity with negative space cut out of the outer "shell" exposing a totally white lining on the inside. This meticulously formed, smooth interior surface adds straight to the day-light style and enables air flow as an integral part of the passive circulation system.

The public areas of the Monokuro House are situated on the ground floor where they are accessible to an intimate and personal exterior space that offers unobstructed indoor/outdoor lifestyle in the gardens. On the second floor, there are private spaces.

As part of their continuous research, the simplicity of form is playing an important part in lowering the cost for passive solar residences, where the innovative and very precise design, combined with using materials sourced locally, minimizes waste reduction and results in faster construction times.

The application of corrugated cement fiberboard as an external single cladding component emphasizes the elemental character of the dwelling and sets it unmistakably as a subject in the natural scenery.

Photography by: Jill Paider

W3 Architects Monokuro House Dining Room

Exterior W3 Architects Monokuro House


W3 Architects Monokuro House Bedroom

W3 Architects Monokuro House Exterio

July 11, 2022