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Coming along the residential streets of Los Angeles, there exists a newer development that is almost not noticeable at first among its older constructed compatriots. This Los Angeles residence (like many of the city’s inhabitants) does not like to show its age. However, the fresh feel and modern detailing prove that this home located in Brentwood is truly with the times. It is a young creation, but the facade alone makes it evident to us that this place will never be considered “dated” thanks to the fine attention to detail. L.A.-based interior designer Meg Joannides partnered with Alabama-based architecture firm McAlpine Architects to birth a residence that provides endless elegance and comfort throughout this contemporary creation.

Like a farmhouse of the twenty-first century, the tall white brick walls of the home’s exterior and clean black accents pair with the open layout to create a space at one with the lush green landscape surrounding this stunning architectural feat. This architectural marriage of contemporary and classic is created through periods of visual and experiential transition. The main entrance boasts a concrete courtyard that gives us a sense of the contemporary but allows the modernity to almost melt away as the organic and natural addition of plant life makes us forget the passage of time through its serenity. It creates stepping stones as we move through the exterior doors into the tall glass entryway, which is continued within the whole of the home’s design.

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The floorplan of this main space allows us to move through the home like a warm summer wind as we relax and unwind away from the chaos of the city. We almost float through the gardens to the pool, the charming weathered guesthouse, and back again to the chic main residence. Every aspect is streamlined to ensure that no space feels disjointed from the rest of the home. It all harmoniously meshes together as the different elements of each space tie in with another. This can be seen in those glass windows and doors that we are sinfully coveting. They create a dramatic visual, while not overpowering any other creative elements of the home.

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Seemingly endless, the glass pavilion that serves as an entry hall and living area looks onto a serene backyard through panes upon panes of glass letting us bask in the natural light flooding into the room. This space could be easily described as the modern metamorphosis of the classic wrap-around porches seen on antique Victorian homes. Residents and their guests can relax inside and outside of the constructed space at the same time, while admiring the beauty of the scenery around them.

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The echoes of traditional architecture are carried into the guest house where clean white wood-paneled walls with industrial metal features carry this thematic vision indoors. For instance, the beautifully modern farmhouse doors throughout the home maximize the potential of the space, which makes every nook a usable area. However, with the ease of each sliding door, those corners can quickly disappear into a field of snowy white walls.

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We cannot fail to mention that moments of fun can be found throughout the home. In the child’s room in the upper levels, pop art prints on the back of skateboards bring vibrancy to the largely neutral home, which provides a sense of personality and youthfulness to help identify the intention of that particular room. Artistic yet minimal floral wallpaper softens the hard lines of stone and glass in a bathroom. Whimsical light fixtures in a variety of rooms add levity to the house and make the house a space perfect for entertaining guests.

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Meg Joannides at MLK Studio artfully planned a home that is intended to endure the test of time, while at the same time providing the optimal layout, technology, and more through the best current design practices available. Joannides makes it evident that she wished to give the home depth through her design choices in every corner of the house. The layers of added elements offer warmth and elegance all at once. For instance, the outdoor dining and lounge area sings out with pristine luxury, but the grand centerpiece fireplace grounds the space to make it feel truly like a home.

Known for making luxurious spaces livable, she lives up to her name as her passion for beautiful home design pours out onto this Brentwood residence. Meg Joannides has spent years breathing life into high-end commercial and residential spaces, but this crowning display epitomizes what her professional mission is all about. To be perfectly honest, the place she created here will probably become a part of our dreams for years to come. With flawless detailing and collaboration with true architectural talent, Joannides utilizes raw talent and years of experience to make this space awe-inspiring and a home nobody would ever imagine leaving.

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MLK Studio Brentwood Home Bedroom in Modern Resale Blog


July 11, 2022