B&B Charles Sofa, Minotti coffee tables, reading light, Holly Hunt dining table all from Modern Resale.

You may have caught our Insta-story or a few Instagram posts showing a little leg from this project in Venice, California; but today we're going to reveal a little more of the Walnut Street home. First, a little background.

The modern house designed by Griffin-Enright Architects was built from the ground up by developers Parrish Roback. (O.K., it's going to get a little complex here, but bear with me as I try to keep it short). The IXA is a collaborative effort to reinvent the showroom between interior designer Jennifer Ridel of The Foundation and Alexandra Schafer and Alex Ray of the art consultancy, Velvenoir.  Working with Parrish Roback, they designed the interiors of the home which are available for sale online and through their app while also providing the perfect relaxed, luxe Venice lifestyle staging for the house which is for sale. It's kind of cool when you think about it. You go to an open house, you like the sofa and you can look it up on the app for information and purchase.

The Foundation and Velvenoir turned this house into a home and we are so glad they came to Modern Resale to furnish a lot of it. The thing is, you can't tell the pieces are resale and; let's be honest, by the time you finish building or buying a project, most people feel a bit tapped on financial resources, so why not pick up some vintage or resale items where you can.

The main living space above faces floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall glass, looking out over the pool and backyard. I love how naturally the design divides the open space into a living room, dining room and kitchen without obstructing the view or feeling awkward. The B&B Charles sofa configured in a U was the perfect choice for this. 

Chaise lounge and light from Modern Resale

You know how the floors can be darn right chilly in the winters here in L.A.? I can totally see myself wrapped up in a soft blanket running my toes through that rug. This small room at the top of the stairs is a nice quiet spot with lots of natural sunlight to have a morning coffee and read emails before everyone wakes up.

Fontana Arte light by Modern Resale

Can this person come and make my bed every day? Layers of textures and bedding are necessary for L.A. as we mostly sleep with the windows open and who knows how far the temperatures will drop or how still the night will become. In true Venice style, the elegant bed is made up to be practical and cozy creating a casual luxury look.

Gandiablasco outdoor furniture from Modern Resale

Off the kitchen is a lovely corner with an open fire pit that calls for after dinner drinks and intimate snuggles with your loved one at the end of the day. The Gandia Blasco outdoor sofa and chair fit around the pit so you can kick back with your feet up and warm your toes.

If you love this house, you can have it for a price. It's listed on Zillow. And if you want to save yourself the trouble of furnishing it, the contents are for sale too (sold separately of course). And if you feel inspired to create your own design, we suggest starting with this incredible Minotti bed. As always, if you're thinking "Where can I find staging furniture for sale near me", We're here for you.

July 11, 2022