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modern resale collection of consignment modern office furniture
Dress your office for success. Invest in quality you can afford. Our high-end designer desks, chairs and shelving go through a thoughtful process before we determine if they meet your high standards for resale. We authenticate the manufacture and origin of each piece of furniture, inspect it to determine how lovingly it was used and even clean it. Select mostly modern and contemporary designs from the world's best furniture manufacturers for durable construction and upscale materials. 

There are two principle viewpoints to choosing the furniture for your office.

  • What do you need?
  • How much Room do you have?

  • After you know what you need, there are loads of approaches to keep a spacious office. Not sure what's your best bet for your needs? Here are some styles of desks that you should consider:

    Parsons Desk
    On the off chance that you are searching for a jazzy work area that doesn't come with an excessive number of ornamentations, the Parsons desk is the one for you. It has a level top surface with enough space for your notebooks, PC, some grub, and a tasty refreshment.

    Wall Floating Desk
    Ergonomic and simple, this is a great choice for individuals with limited space. It looks efficient and can swing to your desired height.

    Official Executive Desk
    This desk is an incredible choice for somebody who anticipates guests in their home office. It's a straightforward method to take it from a careless work-from-home circumstance to an office that displays a refined taste. The additional capacity in the work area's
    numerous drawers makes efficient use of your space.

    Secretary Desk
    These remarkable work areas keep mess out of the way and prepare you for engaging visitors immediately.

    Writing Desk
    This desk makes a stunning little niche to write down a quick note or sign in a diary section, while likewise being an expert emphasis piece.

    Office Chairs
    An honorable mention, you shouldn't skimp on your office chair. These chairs can offer both style and ergonomic comfort. On the off chance that you routinely telecommute or otherwise work from home, look for an office seat with features like a cushioned edge and a