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Couch shopping is a delicate situation to be in. You have to find the couch that fits your own personal style as well as the space you're filling. If you're buying a sofa for a room that's already decorated, you're
further constrained by the style of the room. Here are a few types of sofas you may consider:

    Tuxedo Sofa - A vibrant, dark tinted couch that represents cosmpolitan cool characterized by its square-shaped outline and board-like arms.
    Camelback Sofa - This couch is well-situated with a wanderinb ack, paw footed cabriole legs and looked over arms.
    Chesterfield Sofa - An exemplary couch example with a square-shaped outline like the tuxedo couch's in that it includes a level back and arms, differentiated by fun-loving subletites like looked over arms.
    English Roll Arm Sofa - A hint of sophistication mired with a tinge of rustic charm. With its bun-like arms matched with extravagent pads and turned axle legs jus as adequately as cushioned arms.
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