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Invest in quality you can afford. Our high-end designer sofas and sectionals go through a thoughtful process before we determine if they meet your high standards for resale. We authenticate the manufacture and origin of each couch, inspect it to determine how lovingly it was used and even clean it. Select mostly modern and contemporary designs from the world's best furniture manufacturers for durable construction and upscale materials. 


Couch shopping is a delicate situation to be in. You have to find the couch that fits your own personal style as well as the space you're filling. If you're buying a sofa for a room that's already decorated, you're
further constrained by the style of the room. Here are a few types of sofas you may consider:

    Tuxedo Sofa - A vibrant, dark tinted couch that represents cosmpolitan cool characterized by its square-shaped outline and board-like arms.
    Camelback Sofa - This couch is well-situated with a wanderinb ack, paw footed cabriole legs and looked over arms.
    Chesterfield Sofa - An exemplary couch example with a square-shaped outline like the tuxedo couch's in that it includes a level back and arms, differentiated by fun-loving subletites like looked over arms.
    English Roll Arm Sofa - A hint of sophistication mired with a tinge of rustic charm. With its bun-like arms matched with extravagent pads and turned axle legs jus as adequately as cushioned arms.
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