You don't know it yet, but you may be hosting a holiday get together or cocktail party soon. The Holidays have a way of making us sentimental and longing for human connections. Running into friends at the tree lot could end up a hot cocoa and cookies afternoon.  Christmas parties that end too soon, may continue around your fireplace. And you probably already have plans to celebrate the Holidays at your home with visiting family members.

If you entertain in the living or family room, then you probably have a coffee table at its center, a perfect opportunity to throw down some holiday cheer. Nothing keeps the Holiday vibe alive like the scent of evergreen and the flicker of candlelight. So we've come up with some Holiday decoration inspiration for your modern coffee table.

Decorate a long coffee table down the center with evergreens punctuated with birch wrapped candles and pinecones. Warm it up with a crocheted wool garland and make it perfectly Christmas tucking in some red winterberries. 

A holiday statement can be made with few objects. A red basket, trimmed with sprigs of holly and a nutcracker not only says Christmas, but it also provides a healthy snack and activity for fidgety folks.

Hiding a gold candelabra's base with evergreen foliage creates just enough atmosphere while leaving a little room for glassware and small plates. 

A small round table is trimmed with a wreath of greens decorated with metallic ornaments and found pinecones. Centering a couple of ceramic vases with varying evergreen sprigs ads dimension and texture.

Create a dialog between many surfaces by separating a family of vessels and varying their purpose. Fill them with foliage, candy and tea lights. Use books, different sized candles, and objects for interest and architecture.

No time to shop for decorations? We love this idea to fill a bowl with jewel-tone ornaments and complement them with multi-colored votive candle holders.

Maybe it's the coffee table you need first. Modern Resale has a selection of modern coffee tables and end tables in stock for added luxury with nice savings. To see how you can creatively arrange them, read our blog article 6 Unique Ways to Style Your Living Room with Coffee Tables.


July 11, 2022