In many cases black leather furniture has been unfairly relegated to the realms of rockers, law offices and and man caves. We beg to differ! Black leather can mix in many different circles adding a luxurious formality to what might otherwise be a staid or predictable environment. A good black leather piece exudes confidence and a devil may care feeling that can serve as a balance to softer gentler pieces of decor.

A pedigreed vintage piece can carry a room notching down the formality and replacing it with a sense of history and a life well lived. Like a favorite pair of jeans or a perfect little black dress, a good black leather piece is a versatile classic that one cannot live without!

Take some inspiration from our photo gallery and keep your eye out for that perfect piece!


This sleek contemporary modern sectional is right at home in a light filled setting featuring antiques and Vintage, one-of-a-kind light fixtures styled by Emily Henderson.

Photo via Alex Zarour of Virtually Here Studios.

Black leather loves clean and modern but keep it soft and cozy with lots of soft contrasting throw cushions in soft fabrics or shaggy goat hair. The flowered wall treatment is a nice touch too!

Photo by S.I.D. Ltd.

A vintage 'Diesis' sofa purchased from Modern Resale pairs well with plants, textures and earth tones in this setting designed by Adrienne Mascaro of Studio Blu.

Photo via Riley Jamison

To keep black leather from getting too slick and serious, use contrasting elements. A linen shag, soft blanket and primitive patterns do the trick in this vintage modern setting.

Photo via Vtwonen

Leave it to designer Kelly Wearstler to create an opulent and glamorous environment of grand proportions for her Hillcrest estate using the inspired 'Non-Stop’ sofa by Swiss brand De Sede.

Photo via Grey Crawford

July 11, 2022