Let’s talk about space. No, not that vast openness that you gaze up to in wonder and awe on a clear night. We are talking about utilizing your space to it’s full potential. The struggle to achieve a perfect balance of function and form in that spare room or awkward corner may have you contemplating that space with wonder and awe… let’s be honest here, complete and utter frustration at table-flip proportions.   

Now before that desk goes belly up, we’re here to say that it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too. Let us introduce you to an undeniable asset for any multi-purpose room.

The Convertible

The convertible is a great piece of furniture that has thousands of faces and with it thousands of possibilities. Whether you’re downsizing, a recent empty nester looking to repurpose a spare room, or thinking ahead to the upcoming holidays and desperately need to carve out extra space for that growing list of overnight guests, the convertible could be your answer.

In this 3 part series we’ll go further into depth on the various convertible options, their history and recommendations on which convertible will satisfy your needs.

The Futon

It has come a long way since designers William Brouwer and Irv Wieder introduced the convertible 3-way futon to the world in 1982. After its initial popularity it got lost in college dorms and possibly dismissed by many as a sophomoric piece of furniture. It has been a tough stigma to break but all was not lost. Some of the furniture's top designers saw the potential and have reimagined this versatile piece of furniture and it is almost unrecognizable as a convertible.

The futon works perfectly as a lounging area in your office or creative space. We love it because it adds an extra functionality to any room. It’s a place to curl up with a good book, a comfortable place to kick back or to sneak away and take an afternoon nap. Bonus: The option to accommodate overnight guests. 

Above: Sofa Bed Ligne Roset ‘Nomade- Express’ Sofa Bed by Didier Gomez, Side table Glas Italia ‘XXX’ Side Table by Johanna Grawunder, Floor lamp Fontana Arte ‘Falena’ Floor Lamp by Alvaro Siza, Painting courtesy of D2 Art 

 Interestingly kids bedrooms have always been flex/multipurpose spaces. Kids need rooms designed with their comfort and needs in mind. A place to sleep, a place to do homework, a place to blog/chat/text and a place for sleepovers? This hardworking convertible will cover all the bases without batting an eye.

Above: B&B Italia Lunar sofa bed


Once those kids are ready to leave the nest for college, send them off with a convertible. Add some sophistication to their new pad with vintage Lignet Roset “Gao” chairs, which would suit any college or teens room. They’re flexible enough to accentuate any post-collegiate home as well.

Above: Convertible: Lignet Roset “Gao” chair, Side table: Molteni & C Clip, Lamp: Fontana Arte Daruma, Painting: Courtesy of D2 Art


Sure convertibles are fantastic options for the bedroom, guest rooms, offices etc… but why not let her take center stage in the heart of your home. This convertible can be a statement piece in any living room. Ideal, but not limited to loft living. It’s sophisticated, it’s playful and there’s numerous ways your primary entertaining/living space could benefit from a futon.

Above: Sofa: BR 02, cabinet: Maxalto Mida, Ottomans: Minotti Villon, Painting courtesy of D2 Art  


Ready to take the convertible plunge? When deciding on the perfect piece to accentuate your home be sure to keep a couple things to keep in mind.

  1. Ensure you have enough space around the futon to convert it from sofa to bed. For conversion every design is different with some requiring a little more space and others need little less.
  2. For comfort and form consider what the primary purpose of your convertible will be.


For any of you needing a little extra help deciding which convertible is right for you, our skilled designers at Modern Resale are here to assist you in creating that balance of function and form with the optimal piece of furniture. The popular convertible sells quickly but we’re adding new pieces to our collection all the time. Subscribe to our email or follow us on Instagram & Pinterest to be the first to see new items coming in.

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July 11, 2022