The HIGHS of YELLOW: more than just the color of lemons, cautionary signs and egg yolks, yellow is associated with optimism, creativity, sunshine and yes, happiness.  It is considered uplifting, stimulates mental agility and perception, and can inspire greater confidence as well as an enthusiasm for life and a sense of inquisitiveness.  

The MEH of YELLOW: But like all colors, yellow has its dark side.  It is often associated with betrayal, cowardice, and madness. It’s correlated to physical illnesses – jaundice anyone? And it can fuel our impulsivity in addition to making us feel agitated, anxious, critical, spiteful and overly-analytical. So, use sparingly.

RANDOM FACT: In Japan, yellow is symbolic of courage, while in parts of Mexico it’s tied to death.

July 11, 2022