Modern classics are not classics just for their innovative visual aesthetics. Their enduring quality is sometimes built into the manufacturing genius, craftsmanship and overall functionality of the furniture. The womb chair is just that, an icon of design, yes, but it is also extremely comfortable.  So why shouldn't you want such a piece in a quiet corner for reading or relaxing with your iPad? You don't have to be a mid-century enthusiast, to enjoy the comfort and soft lines of the Womb. Changing the fabric, in our client's case to a neutral one, the Womb chair feels more 21st-century contemporary.

Much of Modern Resale's selection is luxury contemporary furniture designed and made today or in recent years which includes mid-century pieces still manufactured today. You can see what we have available in our mid-century collection online.

Womb chair at modern resale luxury consignment furniture
July 11, 2022