The latest color in our PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR series is Green!

THE HIGHS of GREEN: Green has always been associated with growth, rebirth and fertility, nature, ecology and the environment. It’s a restorative color, associated with vitality, loving and nurturing ourselves and others unconditionally. And also for creating equilibrium between the heart and mind. In many western cultures it means luck ☘ It can ease nerves and absent-mindedness, inspire hope, generosity, endurance and persistence. And it’s the color of prosperity and abundance… but you already knew that.

THE MEH of GREEN: Starting with one of its longer running associations, green is the color of envy. It’s also the color of greed, hypochondria and unlucky cars at the racetrack. As well as being associated with the judgmental, overly-cautious and immature. What you probably didn’t know is that in China it can mean infidelity.

RANDOM FACT: Ao is the Japanese word for both blue AND green.

July 11, 2022