THE HIGHS of ORANGE: What can we say? We love orange. And not because it’s the color of Cheetos, although there’s definitely that too. But, more generally, we love its deeper associations to warmth, adventure, vitality and health; in addition to its ability to engage, inspire independence, confidence and a lack of inhibition. And lastly, that it stimulates appetite, drinking, social interaction and conversation, like this orange vase from Arcade making it the signature color of bon vivants everywhere.

THE MEH of ORANGE: So, yeah, it’s also the color of prison uniforms, hazard cones and those life vests they insist on showing you how to buckle before the plane takes off. It’s a color without middle ground that people either love or hate. And it’s been associated with everything from bad taste and being overly proud to insincerity, superficiality and self-indulgence. But we’re okay with that. We love Cheetos that much.

RANDOM FACT: During the Elizabethan Era only nobility were permitted to wear the color orange.

July 11, 2022