Buying pre-owned luxury furniture is a great way to get the high-end pieces that you want without paying top dollar. Designer furniture and vintage furniture are a great way to accentuate your living room and get that luxurious feel that you are looking for. 

However, pre-owned luxury furniture can also be extremely risky. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to distinguish between cheap imitations and authentic designer pieces worth thousands of dollars. And if you don't know what you're looking for, it can be hard to spot the difference between high quality pre-owned luxury furniture and cheaply made knockoffs.

Let's look at what pre-owned luxury furniture is, what kinds of pre-owned luxury furniture you can buy, and whether it is safe to buy pre-owned, high-end furniture. This guide also covers ten things you should look out for when purchasing pre-owned designer furniture.

What Is pre-owned Luxury Furniture?

pre-owned luxury furniture refers to designer furniture that was pre-owned by an individual. This does not mean pre-owned luxury furniture is cheap or poorly made, however.

In many cases, second hand designer luxury furniture is the same high quality furniture you would find at a new store, but with a lower price tag since they have been moderately used. They include vintage furniture and designer furniture that have been conscientiously crafted to offer the best comfort and elegance in your house and dining room.

pre-owned luxury furniture can come from estate auctions, pre-owned furniture stores, and even directly from top brands of designer goods if they go unsold on a particular site or pre-used store.

Kinds of pre-owned Luxury Furniture You Can Buy

When it comes to preowned luxury furniture, you have a lot of options. Just about any designer furniture piece that you see in a showroom can be preowned. Among these are pre-owned designer furniture, preowned vintage furniture, and pre-loved treasures. There are several types that you can buy, including:


There are also pre-owned designer accessories that you can buy. These include preowned vintage rugs to complement your contemporary furniture and vintage decor.

Is It Safe to Buy pre-owned, High-End Furniture?

Buying pre-owned furniture is a great way to get designer furniture and other hidden gems at a fraction of the original price. However, preowned luxury furniture does come with some risk.

Suppose you're buying previously used designer furniture from pre-owned stores or a popular site like Craigslist. In that case, you need to be very careful to ensure that you're actually buying pre-owned designer furniture and not cheaply made knockoffs.

Carefully analyze the items to ensure you don't end up with second-hand furniture that has been poorly maintained. Look for signs of wear and tear on pre-owned designer furniture, particularly vintage furniture pieces.

10 Things to Look for In pre-owned Luxury Furniture

Buying used furniture is similar to buying new furniture for your home. You want the best quality pieces that suit your needs and are well-maintained. Here are ten things to look for:


Quality is arguably the most critical aspect of pre-owned luxury furniture or art. You want to ensure that you're getting previously used designer furniture, not cheap pre-owned knockoffs that will fall apart after just a few months.

While you shop, look for signs that the piece has been properly maintained and not damaged during everyday use or all the heavy lifting. Knowing exactly what constitutes signs of age and wear that add a sense of character to the pieces rather than signs of neglect for pre-owned furniture is crucial.

You should also inspect the vintage pieces for any pest infestation. Wood, especially oak, hickory, and walnut, is a prime nesting place for wood-eating pests like termites. If not correctly taken care of, a severe pest infestation can affect the wood in your home and cause damage to its structural strength and integrity.


If you're buying pre-owned, the designer brand is crucial. Not only does it tell you how well-made the designer goods are, but it also gives you an idea about their resale value and durability.

Second-hand furniture by interior designer brands like Herman Miller and Knoll furniture will typically retain their value better than furniture from less prominent designers.


Look for tags to know designer brands of designer furniture you're buying. If you don't recognize the brand, do some research about the brand to ensure you are buying something durable and high-quality.


Style is a critical element of pre-owned luxury furniture. It reflects your style and taste in decorating your home. While designer furniture doesn't always come in a wide range of styles, it does make available designer pieces that will pair well with your existing designer furnishings.

There are many different styles of designer goods from which to choose including, modern, contemporary, mid-century, vintage furniture and more. If you're buying pre-used designer furniture like vintage desks, designer chairs, and designer tables, make sure it has the same vibes as your other furniture.

For an understanding of the differences between various designer styles, you should do your own research. Taking this precaution will keep you from being scammed into paying extra for designer goods by con artists.


The type of materials used is another crucial factor to consider when pre-used designer luxury furniture shopping. For designer furniture, you want to make sure that designer goods are made from quality materials that the designer has carefully selected for their durability and style value.

Consider factors such as the age of the piece and the brand. Older designer furniture pieces are more likely to have endured years of wear and tear without sustaining severe damage. This is because vintage designer furniture is curated with higher quality materials than designer goods less than ten years old.


Size is an essential factor to consider when buying designer furniture. It affects how well designer goods will work in your home. Before making a purchase, measure the space where you will place the designer furniture and select pieces that fit within that space.

Items such as a vintage desk or designer chair can be challenging to fit in smaller spaces. So when buying designer furniture of this type, ensure that it will not only fit in the space you have but that it is also comfortable.

You also don't want to make your house look overcrowded with designer objects that don't fit well with other furniture and revival rugs furniture in your home. Vintage furniture is used to accent your living room with hidden gems rather than replace them. Place them strategically in your room to add an authentic and classy feel.


Price is another crucial factor for design lovers to consider when shopping for furniture. Different luxury furniture items from various brands are priced differently. The price of designer furniture is determined by several factors, including the designer brand and the materials used to create designer goods. The best price isn't always what's most expensive either.

Dining chairs and designer desks can be costly, so do your research about current prices for similar designer pieces before you buy them anywhere else. This will help you avoid being duped into paying more for designer goods than you should have.


Clean furniture is a priority for anyone buying designer items. It ensures that the pieces are safe and do not carry any bacteria or pests like bed bugs. When shopping for designer-style used furniture, ensure all surfaces have been adequately sanitized before bringing designer objects into your home.

You can also smell the furniture before buying designer furniture. Designer objects that have not been recently sanitized will have a musty smell and dirt between the nooks and crannies. Thoroughly check every corner of the item. You can also carry a magnifying glass to scrutinize every surface. You also want to know how to keep your high-end furniture clean.

You want to be careful with cleaning your furniture so that you don't damage the material.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a common issue on any pre-owned furniture due to normal usage. They reduce the value of the designer objects and significantly affect their quality. Check for scratches or damage to the  piece that may have occurred over time, just as you would with new items, before bringing them into your home. This ensures you are not paying designer prices for damaged goods with dents and scratches.

Item History

In order to tell if your luxury designer furniture is authentic, you should conduct research on the item's history by researching its manufacturer and reading reviews about it. This will help you determine if it's worth buying.

Check also for any repair details. When used furniture has any signs of repairs, you need to consider whether it's still in good condition or not. This is because any alteration of the initial design can reduce designer furniture's value. It will also impact its quality and durability.

You should also check the materials to determine their authenticity. If designer furniture is made of poor quality materials, they will only last a short while.

Shipping and Return Policy

One last critical factor to consider while shopping online is the shipping and return policy of the designer furniture. Many designer objects are sold online, so make sure the shop you choose can ship the furniture to your home before you make a purchase.

A return policy ensures that returns are possible when the designer furniture doesn't meet your requirements or fit your taste and preferences. Some shops will state that all sales are final, some offer free shipping and delivery while other sellers won't.

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The Bottom Line

Pre-owned designer furniture is an excellent way for you to update the décor of your home without the brand new designer price tag. Whether you want a vintage couch, chairs or table to accent your living room, buying second-hand luxury furniture is cost effective.

However, before making any designer purchase, research the item's history and ensure all the above factors (quality, brand, style, materials, size, price, and cleanliness) meet what you expect from designer furniture.

July 11, 2022