How much cheap furniture have you bought and discarded over the last decade or two? Half a dozen or more? - all with an affordable price tag? Whether one table or an entire set of four chairs, typical mass-produced furniture rarely lasts long. Furniture fads and styles come and go, but high-end furniture is timeless. Rather than buy mass-produced furniture from overseas factories, why not invest in used, high-quality furniture?

You can end the cycle of buying and discarding mass-produced new furniture by switching to high-end furniture. Crafted from solid wood, high-end furniture is a great choice for individuals looking for durable pieces that never go out of style. Modern Resale has a rare collection of highly crafted preowned pieces, a great choice for those looking to pass their most valuable furniture to the next generation.

High End Furniture

High quality furniture

High-end-built wooden furniture is synonymous with quality. When you buy high-end furniture from Modern Resale, you know you're investing in a high quality product that's made from durable good materials. Choose a stain that coordinates with existing pieces in your home, or match them with flooring or even cabinets. From the fabrics to the wood surface, every component of your furniture is made from the highest quality materials on the market.

The combination of beautiful woods, high-end craftsmanship and better quality ensure you and your family get solid wood furniture. You can pass the solid wood and upholstery furniture to the next generation in tip-top condition. High-end furniture is quality furniture.

Heirloom quality furniture

Like any investment, your furniture pieces should reward you with lifelong dividends. Solid wood furniture designed by a skilled high-end craftsman can last more than a lifetime. Modern Resale has treasured living room and bedroom heirlooms that you can pass down through generations. Your heirs may choose to touch up or reupholster the mass-produced furniture, but your high-end furniture will likely hold up and stay beautiful for many years – and generations.

We never stock furniture with a one-size-fits-all mentality, but carefully select every used handmade piece to our customer's tastes. Come visit our store and see the high quality products that we offer. By combining a timeless style and durable construction, our sofas and other used furniture is something you won't have to replace!


Handcrafted from solid wood

Mass-produced furniture is usually made of wood veneers and artificial chemicals. Every piece of high-end furniture is handmade and custom built from solid hardwoods like native oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, and maple- along with superior hardware, minus additives. Talented artisans choose specific lumber for the piece being made, then use proven woodworking techniques like precise dovetails, finger joints, and mortise-and-tenon joinery to produce strong furniture that stands the test of time.

To prevent splitting or warping, wood is kiln-dried. Rather than assemble each piece in a typical assembly line, high-end craftsmen hand-make each component of the furniture. With such an unmatched level of craftsmanship going into each custom piece, our high-end furniture collection looks and feels great. You can literally pass down the entire high-end furniture set that you purchase from us from generation to generation.

With an expansive showroom full of quality designer furniture, Modern Resale offers luxury furniture that truly lasts a lifetime. Come see for yourself how high quality furniture should be built. Even high quality furniture from a manufacturing plant pales in comparison to the beautiful preowned collection of designer furniture we offer.

Buy high quality furniture

Modern Resale of Los Angeles is a high end furniture store specializing in high quality Italian and European furniture. We stock handmade furniture that's made to last a lifetime or longer. Not familiar with brands like Minotti, B&B Italia and Ligne Roset? Check out our classic and contemporary designs and experience master craftsmanship.

Whether you need high quality furniture for your dining room or your bedroom, we're sure you'll find something you love. We appreciate great value at great prices and are committed to passing the same value to our customers.

July 11, 2022