Whether you're a professional stager or trying staging for the first time, you’ll find a wide variety of both classic and modern luxury pieces available for rent from our diverse collection at Modern Resale.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 82% of real estate agents agree that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their home.
So, what’s stopping you from staging your properties?

Before your next open house, bring in some beautiful pieces from Modern Resale. We offer a variety of high-end designer furniture along with timeless European-made pieces and a generous rental period.

Decorate your property with luxury furniture and gain your edge in the marketplace.

What to Consider Before Renting Furniture for Staging 

At Modern Resale, we have many options when it comes to home staging. But it’s ultimately up to you to decide what type of furniture will work with the particular property.

To help you make the most out of your rented pieces, we've put together this simple real estate staging guide. Enjoy!

Declutter and Depersonalize 

It’s usually recommended to declutter the home before bringing in staged furniture. Over-full, disorganized rooms with too much mismatched furniture can be off-putting to potential buyers. Additionally, too much or oversized furniture can make the house appear as if it has less space.

Another problem with clutter is that it blocks sightlines and architectural features of the house. You can use fewer pieces of furniture to open up the space and make the most of the property’s square footage.

Add Purpose to the Space

Most furniture rental companies will try to sell you miscellaneous sets of this and that. Don’t fall for it.

Plan the furniture settings in a way so that each room has a defined purpose. For example, you can turn an attic into an office space with the right furniture and accents.

Similarly, a basement can be turned into an entertainment room. Dead space beside a window can become a reading nook. With the help of furniture rentals, why not turn a junk room into a guest bedroom?

It all comes down to how you're using the furniture to stage the house. Spaces with purpose give the illusion of added square footage to the home. What’s extra space if it’s not usable space? Staging helps the prospective buyer envision what the space can become.  

Consider the Walls and the Flooring 

Some things you can’t change—as a real estate agent that is. There may be dated wallpaper in the master bedroom or maybe you’re working with patterned carpet. Whatever the case, the right staging can transform a space.

Staging gives you the opportunity to distract potential buyers from stained carpets, while it can also make drab wall colors pop. Find the right pieces for what you’re working with.

Visualize the Furniture in the Room 

For this, you’ll have to use your imagination. Determine how much furniture you really need and whether it’ll work with the property’s wall colors and flooring.

Envision the pieces together and imagine how it will all look together if you have the supporting rugs furniture, artwork, and other home decor items to create the desired look.

If you know what you want—you just have to find it—you can look for furniture from Modern Resale and browse by style, color, and category.

Enhance the Patio 

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but you can’t forget about the outside. Is there an outdoor space on the property? Why not make a patio an additional livings pace? Staging is a smart way to add purpose to outdoor areas.

But remember when deciding how much or what type of furniture to stage outdoors, too much can make the outdoor space look smaller. And don’t forget to accessorize! Try adding a table, chairs, loveseats, an accent mirror, or overhead lights.

You can go minimalist, eclectic, or modern, and transform a patio into an oasis.

Top 10 Home Staging Furniture Pieces that Increase Your Property Value 

According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Profile of Home Staging, 83% of living rooms, 76% of kitchens, and 69% of master bedrooms were staged when selling.

While it’s not always necessary to stage every single room, you should consider staging the rooms that are the most important to buyers.

Apart from the usual, home stagers incorporate all or a few of these pieces to complete their interiors. These pieces add effortless beauty and can make any room look inviting and comfortable.

 These types of pieces—whether in a minimalistic, modern home, or a traditional style—are safe for staging in both small and large homes.

At Modern Resale, we offer a wide array of furniture and accessories onboard. From luxurious Italian-made furniture to sleek modern accent pieces, we have tasteful options from  luxury furniture brands like Minotti furniture and Ligne Roset that add sophistication and elegance to a variety of spaces.

Tips on Staging Your Home with Rented Furniture  

Since we offer furniture rental services, we know a thing or two about home staging. There are many different ways to revamp a house with rented accessories and furniture. Luckily, most of these are universal and affordable to help you get started.

A Little Update Goes a Long Way

If you don't want the interior to look blasé, try mixing fabrics, colors, and furnishings. Find accent pieces you can rent and add vibrant throw pillows for a pop of color.
You can also replace an old end table with an updated ottoman-furniture, or a pair of poufs for smaller spaces.
You could also incorporate different sofa and ottoman sets. If the house has a small living room, you can swap an oversized sofa for loveseats and small accent chairs. And of course, a fabulous area rug furniture will transform any room.


Stage the Outdoor Space with Patio Furniture 

Luxury neutral or bold furnishings look as spectacular outdoors as they do indoors. Try using colors for the patio accents that complement the exterior.

Go for a look that feels interesting and inviting. Home staging professionals often use yellow, green, blue, and orange to brighten the space.

At Modern Resale, we offer luxury furniture rentals for the patio as well. Select from wicker, rattan, teakwood, and wrought iron garden chairs, benches, outdoor dining, and bistro sets.

To find trending outdoor furniture for affluent homes, consider renting from Modern Resale.

Use Artwork and Natural Elements to Add Life to the Interior

A staging project is incomplete without natural and seasonal elements. These are derived from the property's unique geography to add beauty, meaning, and a sense of belonging.

If the property is in the countryside, you can use wheat, wood, or dried flowers.
If the home is on the coast, try can adding elements with white coral, sea glass, and pampas grass.

And if you're selling a home in the city, houseplants and colorful canvas prints will complement its urban setting.

Along with vases, artwork, candle holders, and mirrors, professionals encourage the use of natural elements. Use these accents in moderation, and you're sure to develop a unique, beautiful space.

Highlight the Unique Architecture of Every Room 

When it comes to staging an empty home, you’ll need to pay particular attention to the living room and bedrooms. 

The bedroom is a personal space and typically, it’s a room with a more serene feel to it. Pastels or monochromatic color schemes make the bedroom tranquil and elegant.

You can highlight the attributes of the living room with artistic pieces and area rugs. If it's a large area, too much space at the center looks awkward—a bold area rug paired with a unique coffee table is the perfect solution. 

Consider renting side tables with varying heights, console tables, accent chairs, and entertainment centers to fill out the living space as well. Add tall pieces of furniture and artwork to accentuate high ceilings or mirrors to reflect light.

With the right rented furniture and decor, you can help prospects envision the space as their future home.

The Best Furniture Rental Company for Home Staging 

Modern Resale is the premier go-to for staging homes in style— with over a thousand designer pieces from leading luxury brands like B&B Italia, Cassina, and Maxalto. This is your one-stop shop for affordable high-end furniture, décor, and lighting. We currently offer stunning pieces from designers including Artemide, Cappellini, Zeus, Venini, Fontana Arte, Oluce, Kartell, Catellani & Smith, Pallucco Italia, and many more.

We have contemporary, modern, and minimalistic furniture for the bedroom, dining room, drawing room, kitchen, study, and office. You'll also find some of the most eye-catching outdoor patio furniture.

At Modern Resale, we authenticate the make and origin of every set of furniture, light fixture, and accent piece before adding them to our inventory. We offer an exceptional customer service experience as well as quick delivery and shipping across the US. 

Browse our collection of luxury statement pieces, vintage collectibles, and curators' favorites to get the optimal aesthetic for your space.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some pieces of furniture every stager should have? 

Neutral accessories and furniture are often the safe choice for staging pieces in any house. A professional stager first creates a bold focal point and then adds complementary furniture and accents surrounding it.

Stagers love to work with area rugs, mirrors, artwork, accent chairs, floor lamps, light fixtures, picture frames, vases, and patio furniture.

These pieces are essential to make a house feel both interesting and inviting. After renting furniture, you can add some floral arrangements and houseplants to complete the look.


2. What are the benefits of home staging? 

Which seems more appealing: a vacant house or a home tastefully decorated with designer furnishing? It’s much easier for buyers to envision themselves living in a home when it’s staged, so home staging adds value to the property and helps it sell faster—for a higher price.

For successful real estate agents, staging is a no-brainer. Plus, when you rent your furnishing, you can send it all back after you sell the property.


3. Where can I rent furniture for staging my home? 

Modern Resale has a diverse selection of furniture for home staging as well as lighting that complements many types of homes—both inside and outside. You’ll also find brilliant accessories that lend themselves to a timeless design aesthetic. Our collection is continuously curated, refreshed with new pieces from across the US and Europe, so our selection is always updated.

We’re also proud to offer customer satisfaction-centered policies including hassle-free refunds, returns, and cancellations.


4. What does a professional home stager do? 

The goal of a professional stager is to prepare an empty house for sale. Home stagers arrange furniture sets, lighting, and other elements to make a vacant house look like a home.

They can also help a lived-in space become more appealing to more buyers. In addition to renting new furniture and decor, they are often required to clean the property, fix broken objects, and, if needed, rearrange existing furniture.

Check out these tips on Porch.com https://porch.com/advice/house-flipping

5. How long does it take to stage a vacant home?

It takes anywhere between 7 to 14 days to add staging furniture to an empty house, provided that any necessary repairs have been completed.

However, in real estate, a lot can change in two weeks. That’s why we offer white glove delivery at Modern Resale for faster staging.

All you have to do is select the furniture you want, and our team will place it inside the house, assemble it if necessary, and remove all the associated trash.

Bottom Line 

Home staging is an excellent way to enhance a property and transform it into the home that buyers always wanted.

Find stunning luxury furniture and unique high-end lighting and decor at Modern Resale. We offer a fantastic range of pieces that radiate affluence and high style. Take a look for yourself.

Contact us at info@modernresale.com to learn more.

July 11, 2022