For the design collector, having mismatched dining chairs is more than a trend. It’s a treat. Why buy all the same chairs of one great design when you can have all your favorite designed chairs individually on display around your dining table?

Since we have our $99 dining chair sale going on at the moment with more than a few desirable profiles, here are some helpful tips and examples on how you can incorporate that one-off chair or chairs.

1.  Dramatically contrast rustic chairs with one modern chair.

Source: The Nordroom

2.  Mix woods with wicker or leather.

Source: Studio McGee. Photos by Kate Osborne

 3.  Mix traditional chairs with modern design chairs with traditional influences.

Source: Domino. Photography by Lindsey Orton

 4.  Mix colors of the same chair.

Source: Stylisheve

 5.  Go monochromatic with all different chair designs.

Source: Stephane Chamard. Photography by Lisa Petrole.

 6.  Mix different designs from the same era.

Source: Decor Demon (left), Simone Soares (right)

 7.  Offset similar chairs with a one-off.

Source: Denis Khramov

8. Combine chairs with similar shapes.


July 11, 2022