Cassina is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of classic designer furniture. Their expertise in working with wood, leather, and precious metals has earned Cassina an undisputed reputation.

Cassina’s primary goal is to produce the highest quality furniture. They achieve this through the fusion of innovative industrial technology, true craftsmanship, and continuous in-house product development and research. In addition, Cassina furniture welcomes influences from different cultures and experiments with materials and styles.

Many of Cassina’s chairs and other pieces were considered futuristic when they were introduced. However, time has shown that they are true design classics.

From Craftsmanship to Industrial Production

The city of Meda, located near Milan, has been witness to the history of Cassina since the 18th century. Cassina began as a simple workshop producing wooden furniture.

Brothers Cesare and Umberto Cassina took over this business in 1927. After the war, they turned to the mass production of modern Cassina furniture. They wanted to establish themselves in the international market. This positioning made Cassina a pioneering company in Italian industrial design for all things seating, including sofas, chairs, and couches.

Cassina does not abandon the traditional techniques that ensure its high quality. Although the Meda factory is structured on an industrial scale, it comprises handcrafted workstations. In the same way, traditional materials such as wood coexist with modern components- like the polyurethane foam used for the upholstery of certain seats, for example. As a result, the brand's products, ranging from armchairs to tables, are best described as “mid-century modern." 

A Catalog of Products That Links the Past and the Future of Italian Lounge Modern & Classic Products

From an early stage, Cassina distinguished itself from other seating furniture manufacturers by involving designers and architects in the creative process. Today, the brand has one of the richest catalogs in the history of sofa, chair, and couch design.

Cassina products

The I Maestri collection pays tribute to the origins of design and the great designers of the 20th century, such as:

  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Franco Albini

It also features the creations of three great names in design, closely linked by their many collaborations:

  • Le Corbusier
  • Pierre Jeanneret
  • Charlotte Perriand

These pieces are grouped under the name “LC Collection.” It includes the famous LC4 chaise-longue and the LC Casiers Standard.

The I Contemporanei collection offers surprising and innovative pieces representing the future of contemporary furniture. It includes, among others, furniture signed by:

  • Vico Magistretti
  • Philippe Starck
  • Patricia Urquiola
  • Gaetano Pesce
  • Gio Ponti
  • Mario Bellini
  • Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

LC1 Chair

The LC1 is one of the most recognizable pieces in the collection. It’s still as fresh today as when it launched in 1929. The reclining backrest offers comfort and continuous support with different working positions, making it incredibly comfortable. 

The arms, made of two solid leather straps, can swivel around the metal uprights. The frame is made of polished chrome steel or matte black enamel steel, while the seat and backrest are made of:

  • Horsehide or cowhide
  • Russian red leather with matching armrests
  • Black leather with matching armrests

LC2 Chair Seats

Le Corbusier created this piece in 1928 for the Salon d’Automne. It has since become one of the most durable and even imitated pieces of furniture. The Le Corbusier LC2 is available as an ottoman or two or three-seater sofa. The frame is available in:

  • Polished or glossy chrome
  • Grey, light blue, green, burgundy, and ochre basalt
  • Matte black enamel steel

Lounge Chair LC4

Lounge Chair LC4

Le Corbusier himself called the Cassina LC4 a relaxing chair when it was introduced in 1928. Lounge Chair LC4 allows the seat to slide along the base, providing an infinite number of seating options and giving the illusion of a floating chair. In addition, the shape reflects the natural curve of the human body.

The frame is finished in either polished chrome or matte black enamel, with a matte black enameled steel base. Horsehide or cowhide seat mats are available with a black leather headrest or a special beige canvas headrest.

Charlotte Perriand’s Iconic Sofa and Accent Chairs Furniture

Charlotte Perriand became Le Corbusier’s partner. From 1927 onwards, they designed a series of tubular metal and leather seats in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret. These seats became icons of international design. In the same year, the Cassina brothers began manufacturing small furniture for the local market.

In 1964, Le Corbusier chose Cassina to distribute the famous chairs worldwide. This was a huge success.

Charlotte Perriand collaborated with Cassina until her death in 1999. The furniture she designed from the 1930s to the 1960s is still reissued today. She loved to utilize aluminum in her products. Her spirit continues at Cassina thanks to the collaboration of her daughter, Pernette Perriand-Barsac.

Incomparable Sofa and Other Furniture Quality

Due to its origins and a distinct hint of Italian mid-century style, the company can be credited with high-quality manufacturing characteristics for the 21st century. Carpentry is the traditional heart of Cassina, and it’s been unchanged over the years. It’s still the center of the production wheel as the modern vintage Cassina came to life.

Cassina furniture

A small team of artisans work the wood so precisely that glue is rarely needed to construct the furniture. The remarkable quality of the material is essential.

The various wood types are sorted at the source and then distributed based on their intended uses. They are then processed with absolute mastery, making the most of their strengths and characteristics.  

Cassina views the high level of materials as a profitable investment in the quality of the finished product. Testing in-house ensures compliance with UNI regulations and excellence in manufacturing modern furniture.

Innovation at the Heart of the Brand’s Strategy

Gianluca Armento, the Cassina brand boss, highlights the company's innovative side. Cassina has always focused on identifying the market potential for compatible design and lifestyle. In addition, the team is continually conducting research and testing.

Cassina has been liberated from furniture constraints due to experimentation with new materials and structural technologies. As a result, each piece of furniture is designed with function in mind. Cassina developed the capabilities of plastics and injected materials in the 1960s, and their application in the design and manufacture of furniture has proven to be phenomenal.

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July 11, 2022