There is no one true Italian furniture style. Classic Italian furniture style has evolved over the centuries from the renaissance, to the modern age, then to baroque elegance, to modern, minimalist comfort, to modern minimalism. But what do we mean by "Italian" and "style"? Italian designer furniture is often misinterpreted by people as having a distinctly Italian look or feel. Certainly, there are many pieces that can be classified as "Italian" in terms of styling, but the reality is that the term is generally used to describe modern, eclectic design, and is usually used to describe furniture items that are very stylistic, with unusual shapes and designs.

The designs of Italian furniture come from the seventeenth and eighteenth century were heavily influenced by the works of furniture masters like Andrea da Vinci, Bartali, and Sandrone. Their designs often included geometric patterns and unusual shapes. The Italian design language, in the period of the Renaissance, was highly complicated and this was evident in their extravagant use of colors and the intricate carvings on their pieces. This was also true of the craftsmen of the time. In fact, many of them, including the great master builder Nicolozzo, were quite skilled carpenters and designers.

Today's High End Italian Furniture

When it comes to today's interpretations of what is Italian, the primary consideration is symmetry. For example, the dining room of your home may have curved panels with a single center pedestal table. This piece will be designed with great care and symmetry, using basic geometric lines and proportions. Similarly, the dining room of your home may use straight, square, or angular lines for its furnishings.

When it comes to modern Italian design, the focus is often on form and function, rather than on appearance. For example, contemporary Italian furniture often uses mirrors to reflect light. In order to achieve this effect, mirrors are not simply rectangular glass shapes. Instead, mirrors are often circular and have grid designs etched into the surface. The concept of symmetry is also used throughout the furniture design, with each piece being designed to appear symmetrical in relation to all other pieces.

This Italian design featuring a sofa and chair is made only of the highest quality materials.

In addition to the concept of symmetry that is used in modern design, another important part of Italian furniture making is color. In many cases, one shade of a color is used for different parts of a piece. For example, the dining room will often be featured in a cream color. However, the table can be a rich, deep forest green. As you can see, the entire design strategy revolves around using different hues, creating an overall color scheme that gives the dining room a rich, spacious appearance. By contrast, the furniture used in a formal setting, such as a dining room, is usually white or perhaps black.

Another key feature of Italian furniture is the use of dark, rich woods. Many of the most ornate pieces of Italian furniture were constructed from expensive hardwoods, such as cherry or walnut. Although dark colors tend to make a room appear larger, in the case of Italian furniture, it is the use of these heavy woods that created a timeless look. Many modern design schools focus on the use of rich, dark woods to create chic furnishings that fit into any type of home.

Create A Modern Look For Your House

In addition to using heavy woods in Italian furniture, another trait found in modern Italian furniture is the use of metalworking. Indeed, metalworking quickly became a signature style of Italian furniture after it was introduced in the 14th century. In today's world, metalworking can be applied to a wide variety of materials, including metals and wood. If you're looking to create a modern, stylish living room or dining room that is influenced by the charm of an Italian villa, you should certainly consider metalworking as an option for your modern design.

Decorate your home with a modern look when you get these Italian sofas

When you go looking for modern living room or bedroom furniture, you will undoubtedly find some references to Italian designs. You may even be able to spot a piece of Italian furniture in your current home. If not, you should certainly consider checking out what is available online. The great thing about online shopping is that you can more easily comparison-shop when it comes to different types of furniture. Check out the beautiful designs of Cassina furniture.

July 11, 2022