High end furniture can be very expensive if purchased new, but is significantly cheaper if purchased used from Modern Resale. Modern Resale offers used high end furniture for sale. Used high end furniture pieces are in like-new condition, so you get the benefit of a classy ambience and beautiful look at an outstanding price. Whether it’s new or used, luxury furniture is an investment worth making for several reasons. To understand why high end furniture is a brilliant investment for you to make, you must first understand what it is, where it’s used, and why it’s different from regular furniture.

What is High End Furniture?

High end furniture is furniture that is well manufactured, properly finished, and intended to last many years. High end furniture retains its value and can be passed on or resold. Whereas cheaper furniture may be made out of particle boards and other materials that aren’t meant for long-term use, high end furniture is made out of real wood and doesn’t dent or damage easily. Solid hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, and hickory are commonly used, as well as real leather rather than synthetic as cheaper furniture options use. Luxury furniture is used interchangeably with the term high end furniture. There are high end furniture stores in Los Angeles such as Modern Resale.

How is High End Luxury Contemporary Designed Furniture Different From Normal?

Companies typically make normal furniture to last a certain amount of time before being disposed of. It is not the type of furniture that is passed down from generation to generation. Normal furniture is mass-produced, so it’s not unique and is often not the centerpiece of a room.

Luxury furniture, on the other hand, is made by very skilled craftsmen, with zero margin for error, using the best materials. They can go to great lengths to give you the best quality products. Their leather or other materials may be painstakingly difficult to find and to produce, and their wood may be rarest of all, but they will get it, and transform it into a fashionable modern(or vintage) piece of art. (quora.com)

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Where is Great Luxury High End Furniture Made?

As with regular furniture, high end furniture is manufactured all over the world. It is not uncommon for many pieces to be manufactured in places like Italy and France. Some of the biggest high end modern furniture brands are based in Italy, including B&B Italia, Cappellini, and Minotti. It is therefore not surprising that when many think of luxury furniture, they think of Italian furniture. A common complaint that is voiced by customers about Italian furniture is why it is so expensive to purchase. You can get used high end furniture for sale from us.

Why is Italian furniture costly?

There will always be Italian furniture at the high end of the furniture spectrum. Discerning buyers and interior designers like it that way. But, just as haute couture fashion filters down from the Milan catwalks to high street shops, so do many of the Italian furniture designs.

The more expensive items of Italian furniture are investment pieces.  They will last the test of time and can be passed down through the generations.  The materials used will be premium stock, from the woods to the fabrics, and the craftmanship will be perfect. (italliving.co.uk)

High end Italian modern furniture is a great choice for any living space. You can get Cassina furniture secondhand and save big.

What Luxury Furniture Brands Does Modern Resale Sell?

Modern Resale only sells the highest quality luxury furniture brands to ensure you always get the best quality and best price for that quality. It is for this reason that we have several select brands that we consistently sell.

Our high-end Iuxury design pieces from B&B Italia, Cappellini, Cassina, Kartell, Ligne Roset, Maxalto, and Minotti, go through a thoughtful process before we determine if they meet your high standards for resale. We authenticate the manufacture and origin of each piece of furniture, inspect it to determine how lovingly it was used, and even clean it. 

You can upscale for less with our top-quality new and gently used luxury furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Where to Use Luxury Furniture

When you shop the Modern Resale luxury furniture selection, you’ll find something to add beauty and function to every space. Some of the options include:

Living Room Furniture: Add seating and style to the living room with a luxury sofa. There are multiple upholstery options from which to choose and you can also select your leg finish and cushion preference by looking at different luxury brands. Cushion options typically include standard foam or down-blend. Pair it with a luxury coffee table, which has a sophisticated look and comes in several color options. Modern high end sofas add a level of elegance to your living room.

Dining Room Furniture: Create a sophisticated dining space with a high end dining table, which comes in various sizes and tabletop options. Many types of looks and colors exist for these luxury dining tables, so be sure to consult Modern Resale for what options exist for you. For a perfectly coordinated look, choose luxury dining chairs to go with the table. High end stools or high end swivel chairs may be good options, too.

Bedroom Furniture: Choose a luxury bed as the focal point of the room. Consider French or Italian inspired looks that become the centerpiece of the room. Or, impart a modern look to the space with a high end bed and headboard, which have an understated look that coordinates with most any type of decor.

Home Office Furniture: Browse our selection of luxury desks and high end desk chairs to find an array of pieces designed for style and comfort. If you love a modern look, check out a luxury glass-top desk. If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, we recommend desks that feature oak, cherry, or other hardwoods. 

Is There More to Luxury Furniture?

The simple answer: yes! Luxury furniture extends beyond beds, chairs, tables, sofas, and tables. We also offer high end daybeds, high end rugs, high end table lamps, and high end lighting. High end modern lighting is a very popular option that is worth discussing a bit more so that you better understand how it may benefit the interior design of your home and enhance the look of your living room, dining room, or bedroom. High end area rugs are also quite popular and they, too, can enhance your living spaces. That's why we offer high end rugs for sale as well as lighting from the best high end lighting manufacturers.

Why Choose Luxury Lighting?

Luxury lighting is created by internationally renowned studios with prominent designers and terrific craftsmanship. As such, it makes an impression on those who see it, so if you've got luxury lights in your home, you can be sure that your visitors will admire them. High end lights add intrigue, drama and a real wow-factor to any room they're put in. They are conversation pieces and status symbols with a functional purpose: to light your room.

Whether you want flashy luxury lighting or formal luxury lighting, you've got plenty of options to choose from. You can make your living room, dining room or bedroom look modern, classic, or contemporary depending on what luxury lighting option you choose for the room. Luxury lighting adds a look to your room that few other fixtures can.

Where Can You Use Luxury Lighting?

A better question would be: where can't you use luxury lighting! Luxury lighting can be used in any room. For instance, a high end table lamp can add a look of elegance to your bedroom nightstand or living room. A high end chandelier can make your dining room or bedroom look unbelievably classy and leave your guests impressed. A luxury ceiling fan can become the focal point of your room while also keeping your room cool and comfortable. 

What About Outdoors?

A common misconception is that luxury furniture is only meant for the interior of a house. However, this is definitely not the case as there are many outdoor luxury furniture options that Modern Resale offers! From the Gervasoni Otto chairs to the Potocco Loom Outdoor Sofa, you're bound to find the perfect outdoor high end furniture to enhance the look of your outdoor spaces. 

We recommend outdoor furniture sets for decks, backyards, and even poolside. Outdoor luxury rugs like the Poolside Peach can add a sophisticated look to your patio, while high end outdoor coffee tables can hold your drinks while you relax by the pool. You can also find indoor outdoor luxury lighting options to hang on your porch.

Is Luxury Furniture Really Worth It?

As we've established, luxury furniture isn't cheap. With how common inexpensive and disposable furniture has become, it may feel hard to justify spending extra on luxury furniture. However, luxury furniture is more than worth it as it's an investment. Imagine being able to pass on a cherished luxury dining table or chair to your loved ones and having that passed down from generation to generation. This isn't possible with most furniture, but it is with luxury furniture items.

You can learn more about designers like B & B Italia designer furniture in this blog post.

Even if you end up only keeping your luxury furniture for a period of time, you can rest assured that luxury furniture that is well cared for will retain its value much better than other furniture items. This enables you to resell your luxury furniture and use the proceeds to purchase another piece of luxury furniture that better fits your current needs. You may wonder what is the best way to sell high end furniture or how to sell high end furniture and the answer is to contact Modern Resale as we offer high end furniture resale. We are the best place to sell high end furniture. Contact us today for high end furniture whether you're buying or selling it!

July 11, 2022