Alberto Minotti founded Minotti Furniture in Meda in 1948. He laid the foundations of a widely recognized Italian design that has a high-quality manufacturing process. The Minotti furniture brand exemplified by this collection takes the pulse of the times into account when manufacturing their furniture, which is why they’ve been such a popular Italian design brand for decades now. Artisans’ hands are always working to improve state-of-the-art technological solutions.

In 1998, 50 years after its creation, it was the vision of Rodolfo Dordoni that propelled Minotti to the rank of an international brand. According to the Minotti brothers, Dordoni embodies both the figure of architect and interior designer. His style features a Milanese touch and a deep artistic sensibility.

This creative force, now inimitable, has been imprinted for 20 years in each of the collections by the artistic director. He is a blacksmith of the Minotti style, working alongside renowned designers.

Minotti Furniture's History

The world was a much different place in 1948 when Alberto Minotti started Minotti Furniture. Although the early production was mainly artisanal, it gradually evolved and took on industrial proportions in the 1960s.

Renato and Roberto Minotti

In 1991, Minotti passed into the hands of the second generation: Renato and Roberto Minotti. They began the expansion of the company outside Italy.

Over the years, they have developed golden rules that are reflected in Minotti’s collections:

  • Innovation continuity
  • Aesthetic sobriety
  • Timeless elegance
  • Tradition and craftsmanship
  • Haute-couture attention to detail

Minotti & Rodolfo Dordoni

The prominent founders of Minotti in Brianza called upon the best designers early on when competitors were still making copies of old designs. The Minotti brothers focused on growth strategies for the company. They entrusted the entire design line to Rodolfo Dordoni. Since 1998, the architect has been in charge of the coordination of the brand’s collections.

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The Minotti Studio

The Minotti Studio represents the heart and soul of the company. It brings together all the fields of expertise:

  • Creative sector
  • Architecture
  • Interior decoration
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering
  • Graphic design
  • The visual
  • Marketing
  • Communication

Unique brand identity

It is in this space managed by the Minotti brothers that new ideas, thoughts, and visions come into life and take shape. They pay particular attention to ensuring that the models are homogeneous. 

The cultural matrices of different creators are channeled and unified. The evolution of the designs is controlled and adapted to the image of the brand. As a result, Minotti has forged its own distinct identity on the international market.

Alessio, Alessandro and Susanna Minotti

The family story continues. The same commitment and long-term vision that has contributed to the success of the company during its seventy years of life is also shared by the third generation. With Alessio, Alessandro, and Susanna at the forefront, the company has taken up the challenges of:

  • The third millennium
  • The digital era
  • The multicultural environment

Global presence and outreach

Expanding into international markets is a core aspect of Minotti’s operations. Its presence is today distributed in:

  • 64 countries
  • 38 flagship store
  • More than 400 qualified distributors
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The company’s refined and international lifestyle is enjoyed in each of these locations around the world. Minotti proudly wears the “Made in Italy” label that appeals to so many nationalities.

Design Made in Italy

The Brianza Valley is located between Milan and Lake Como. It groups together municipalities that have become architecture and interior design legends. Among them are:

  • Meda
  • Seveso
  • Arosio
  • Cantù

With its semi-detached townships and unstyled dwellings, Brianza isn’t the prettiest region in Italy. But then unexpectedly, at the bend of a traffic circle crowded with trucks, you can find some of the best architectural buildings. They have huge bay windows, bold concrete pillars, or cladding of wood, steel, or black ceramic. The buildings are crowned with evocative names:

  • B&B Italia
  • Zanotta
  • Molteni & C
  • Minotti

Welcome to the Sofa Valley. It is here that the ultimate in Italian design is designed and, above all, manufactured. This is where the glory of the Milan Furniture Fair took place. Here you will find the most beautiful interiors and the chicest hotels in the world.  

Design Made in Brianza

Why is this location so unique? There are many possible explanations. The first dates back to prehistoric times when the oldest woodworking tool was found in the Brianza valley.

The second is more pragmatic. According to the founder of Meridiani, the region does not offer much. It is devoid of seasides and mountains. There is only one thing to do: furniture.

Since the 19th century, wealthy Milanese families had beautiful and huge villas in this industrious area of Lombardy. They extended as far as Lake Como. These spacious and luxurious homes had to be furnished.

Epicenter of interior design

Here, there is no deviation from the “100% Made in Italy”. Some even speak of “100% made in Brianza” because most of the subcontractors are located less than 10 miles from the main plant.

The handful of companies founded before or just after the Second World War still belong to the same families. They export 60-80% of their production, which protects them from the terrible Italian crisis. Like Minotti, they continue to open showrooms in China, Singapore, Brazil, and New York.

The sofa and furniture empire of Alberto Minotti

So what is the secret of Minotti and all these Italian companies? Several factors contribute to their massive success. All of them have their own singular history, but they often stem from the will of a man who built the company from scratch. Then, he turned it into an international empire that he then entrusted to the hands of his children. Here, Alberto Minotti is the historical founder of the brand.

Constant development process

All the codes of the high-end market are respected. This explains the prices of the furniture and accessories. From sofas to coffee tables and kitchen furniture, Minotti is constantly looking for ways to improve products in the Research and Development departments:

  • More discreet seams
  • Exclusive fabrics
  • Invisible handles
  • Leather-covered chair legs
  • Velvet lacquers
  • Crystalplant paint
  • Others

Combination of high-tech and craftsmanship

Minotti sofas and armchairs are characterized by the unique fusion between:

  • The exclusivity of artisan techniques
  • The search for continuous innovation in the design and development process

All of this is managed under the guidance of Rodolfo Dordoni. The high quality of Minotti upholstered furniture is also a result of the use of prestigious and exclusive materials.

The Minotti textile collection

The Minotti textile collection is one of the company’s best assets. It evolves every year to meet the refined tastes of the customers. Minotti fabrics are made exclusively with sophisticated textures and structured wefts. You can choose to cover your own custom-made armchair or sofa with:

  • Cotton
  • Lin
  • Caterpillar
  • Kashmir
  • Others

Personalized products are made possible by Minotti leather. This is possible thanks to the study of tanned hides and colors that are always innovative.

Tested and 100% safe products

All Minotti fabrics and leathers go through rigorous tests to ensure their quality. These tests follow the strictest ISO regulations.

Furniture collections on the cutting edge of modernity

Minotti design is all about innovative and contemporary styling. Minotti furniture gives a luxurious look to any living space.

The wide range of Minotti armchairs and sofas, furniture, and furnishing complements are manufactured with the world’s most fashionable and desired settings in mind.

Interior designs

The Minotti collections are known for the elegant look they bring to the living room, but these are not the only Minotti products. Minotti also offers solutions for the bedroom. The company has a series of complements and textiles that enrich the space with carpets and cushions.

Exterior design

In recent years, Minotti has also presented a collection that is usable both indoors and outdoors.

The Lifescape Collection creates a stylistic and visual continuity between the living room and the garden or the terrace. The materials are specially designed to last over time, resisting:

  • Water
  • Wear and tear
  • Atmospheric agents

Guarantee and Certificate of Authenticity

Each Minotti product has the value of a unique, exclusive, and Made in Italy product. It is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Guarantee that attests to its originality.

Minotti dealers provide the most demanding clientele with a highly professional design, sales, and after-sales service.

Modern Resale

Visit the nearest Minotti showroom and get the unique piece that your home is missing. You can also purchase your favorite items from the antique and new Minotti collections online. Modern Resale is here to help you find the perfect Minotti piece for your home. Get in touch for more information.

July 11, 2022