Every now and again, we all deserve a little luxury in our lives, especially on our well-earned holiday trips. Whether it is here or abroad, every vacation has the potential to be spectacularly dripping in beautiful luxury and modern design. Listed below are some of the best Airbnb rentals we could find that would have you waking up in rooms fit for royalty (or actual celebrities) with views that will truly take your breath away. None of these places feel like a run-of-the-mill rental thanks to their unique flavors and dedication to detail. Every residence available has been decorated and designed in a way that immerses you into the home to make every guest feel welcome.

1. Architectural Masterpiece with Roof Deck - Venice, CA USA

That welcoming cheer is evident in our Venice, California home, which is adorned with humorous pop art, fun decor, and other quirky touches amongst the chic modern furnishings and architecture. Those amusing details contrast a colorful personality with the clean minimal lines of the expansive home complete with a private patio and rooftop deck perfect for enjoying city views.

2.  Spectacular Home With Breathtaking View - Los Angeles, CA USA

However, this other California abode is not about to be outdone by our Venice find. Located in Los Angeles, the home nestled at the edge of Hollywood Hills takes city views to a whole new level. The panoramas of Los Angeles become a keystone feature of this rental’s appeal. From dining spaces to bedrooms, each corner of this home lets all the residents bask in its prime location thanks to the wrap-around deck and the abundance of wide windows letting sunlight shine through.

3.  Villa Torno - Lake Como Unique View - Torno, Lombardy, Italy

Our Italian lakeside retreat gives a similar harmony with nature, but the city views are exchanged for the expansive and wondrous Lake Como in the Lombardy region. Known as Villa Torno, the ancient architecture of the original home has been revitalized into a modern majesty. The living room complete with elegant decor and a stunning fireplace makes us feel as if we have just died and gone to heaven. It is hard to tell the difference thanks to the lightness added from the many picture-perfect views of the surrounding waters.

4.  Minimalist and Lux Architectural Sanctuary - Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Still, we would sometimes prefer to be nestled in a perfect little hideaway. These homes are by no means little, but they do allow for a luxurious amount of privacy for any guest. The self-described sanctuary is an elegant and modern haven literally from our dreams. Its decadent landscaping of the private gardens can only be rivaled by the curated design of the ultra-modern mansion. Oh, and did we mention it is located near some of the most upscale beaches in Bali?

5. East Village Celebrity Townhouse - New York, NY USA

If being immersed in city life is your more cup of tea, the Manhattan gem we found will be as if Christmas came early for you! At our selected New York City location, modern art fills the massive mansion’s living area adding color to the clean white space illuminated by lovely chandeliers. Described as being a temporary residence for hoteliers, rock stars, and many more, this East Village home gives us the opportunity to feel just a fabulous making breakfast in the crisp white kitchen or lounging in the living streaming with natural light.

Take a look for yourself at each of these divine homes, and while you are at it we suggest checking your calendar for the next time you are free to claim ones of these rentals as your very own!

July 11, 2022