Alison Berger Pendant

Designed by Alison Berger for Alison Berger

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Alison Berger Pendant

Alison Berger's pendant light is a testament to her obsession with the interplay between glass and light, a fixture where meticulous craftsmanship meets ethereal artistry. The process begins with hand-blown glass, shaped with breath and intention, then annealed for two to three days to ensure structural integrity and exceptional clarity. The hand-finishing process that follows is a painstaking endeavor to achieve the highest level of purity, capturing and refracting light in a dance of brilliance and depth.

Berger’s approach transcends mere lighting; she exploits the vibrancy and clarity of crystal, treating it as a canvas for her exploration of luminosity. Each pendant is a unique piece of art, embodying a sense of alchemy where material and light harmoniously converge. It is this dedication to her craft that elevates her work, offering a transcendent quality to the light that glows within her creations. This piece, now available, is not just a luminary; it is a beacon of Berger's vision, illuminating spaces with a narrative as captivating as light itself.


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Overall Drop: up to 85"
Shade: 4.5" X 5" X 7.5" H


Hand Blown Glass


Great Overall


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