Delinear Smoke Brown 6'X9' Rug

Designed by Unknown for Delinear

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Delinear Smoke Brown 6'X9' Rug

Rich dark brown field with a shimmering tone on tone smoke pattern of silk. 





Himalayan Wool with 20% Silk Pattern


This wool is arguably the finest wool in the world and is far superior to New Zealand wool. It comes from the native highland sheep, whose wool has been used for centuries in this region. It is known for its long hair staple which is usually over 6” in length and closely resembles the texture of human hair. It contains large amounts of natural lanolin which protects the fiber, giving it a beautiful natural sheen and strengththat is perfect for making rugs. Because of the lanolin content and primitive habitat, Himalayan wool tends to be a bit more organic in nature and is not as refined as New Zealand wool.


Although pure silk rugs can be made, they can be quite expensive and cost prohibitive for most projects. Another option to lower the cost of a silk rug is to have the rug made in wool with varied amounts of silk. Most customers prefer to specify silk as a pattern (usually 10%) for a bit of shine and elegance. It is advisable to remember that silk (like plant fibers) will take dyes differently that wool. Silk in general has a more reflective quality, which makes the color appear lighter that the wool on the color chart.


Great Overall Condition


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